05.11.01 LaCrosse, WI

LaCrosse Center with Jack Johnson

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This was my first "official" Ben Harper show, I saw him at Summerfest, but didn't really know a ton about him so that didn't really count. By this concert, I was a full scale Harper addict. La Crosse is a small College Town on the MIssissippi River in Wisconsin. Very wide open venue, it was pretty much a large gym with a stage in the middle of it. It's been 11 years, but I still hold this concert up as one of the best I've ever been to, and I've seen a ton of live music. A then unknown Jack Johnson was the opener and it was his first National tour EVER. What a treat. His band was really tight and set the mood perfectly.

Great setlist, but Ben opened the show with a 15 minute version of God Fearing Man that was pretty much a religious experience. I've never been as moved by a live song as this. Still remember that concert vividly. I miss the old Ben Harper.net message board and the live bootleg database some guy from Maryland used to have up on a server. There's a bootleg recording of this show that exists and I'd love to hear it. If you know about or have it, please reply.

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This was my first BEN HARPER show luckily me a three of my friends got to meet BEN before the show started we got to here him soundcheck before the show we meet him the back of the La Crosse center we meet him he signed my ticket stub i still got it. any wasy great show just got done seeing BEN up in Minneapolis, MN on Sept. 3 it was great my 5 time seeing him.

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This concert was my first ever Ben Harper concert and I was instantly hooked. Ben's styles are an excellent blend of mellow and energetic.
Jack Johnson was kickin' as well. In my opinion the crowd was all right, but maybe that was just in my little corner up by the stage on the left. It was great at the Lax center because overall the crowd was much smaller than usual and it was easy to get back and get air, water, drinks etc. The highlight of the show was definately Walk Away, but I'm biased, that song totally hits home for me everytime. Word to your mother.

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Although I've been a Ben fan for about a year or two this was my first opportunity to see them and I must say that it was definatly one of the best concerts I've been to in a while. They really did play everything that I wanted to hear and that really made the night for me. The setlist was really incredible as well. Forgiven into The Woman in You was awesome because those are my two favorite songs(right now anyway). Ben's strengh that he carries over the crowd is truly incredible and thats something will always keep me coming back. I can't wait for Summerfest.:)

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It was the best show I ever saw in my life. Ben harper was amazing the best song i think he did was With my own two hands. It was so awsome. I expecaly like when ben kept leaving and just hearing everyone yell for ben to come back and play some more it was so awsome. I was just chill'n through the whole concert with my friends corey corey kyle, and joe it kicked ass

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Overall, the show was mind-blowing. The energy on stage was amazing. I was so happy that Ben played By MY SIDE> a total surprise for me. great....
also, me and my girls were in complete bliss when he played SExual Healing.
I just wanted to do a quick shout out to Juan and Dean, who were so sincere and humble when we met them. They are so real, and I give them mad props for keeping the Innocent Criminals tight.

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Thank you Ben!!!! An absolutely stunning show! The evening, put in fresh motion by Jack Johnson and the boys, was certainly one to remeber. I must agree the audience was rather weak when it came to knowledge of the band, the songs, and the overall Harperian themes that accompany this musical experience. Still I think they displayed an enthusiasm that must be recognized and appreciated. On a scale of 1 to 10 in the knowledge category I give the audience a 3. On enthusiasm I'd say at least an 8. Consider the words of Soren Kierkegaard, "Truth is not a crowd... A crowd is not truth." We were all individuals in that audience last night, as much as the frat boy preps tried to push and shove to the front and impose mass intimidation tactics. Ben, opening the set with "God Fearing Man" reiterated the essential quality of individuality to me and hopefully reasured all true Harper fans that this was a special night. The set was electrifying, and Ben's technical, lyrical, and spritual genius were on full display. Over all a great night, where the true Harperians will come out to jam. Word up to my bro's Brian(who was at the show with me), Andrew, Nicholas, and Nathan, and to all the guys at the Hen House who missed a stellar performance. Peace, Robert Kehoe

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Amazing! Ben and the boys were downright exceptional in LaCrosse. The setlist was tight and the crowd was very responsive. I was floored to hear By My Side live and seeing Ben do his little dance on STMK is always fun. This was the second show I've been to, Luther was the first, and I almost have to say that I enjoyed show more. Even the acoustic set at Luther was amazing, Ben blessed us by playing 4 songs even the crowd was being a little loud by screaming and cheering in the middle of the songs. I felt the crowd was pretty good and it appeared Ben felt this as well by playing some long-assed jams. After the show it was awesome to meet Dean, Juan, Jack and his boys and of course Ben. Someone asked Ben what he thought of the crowd and he said it was by far one of the best of the tour. He said he wished he could take us along to all of his shows!! I thought that was a pretty cool compliment. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome... I'm still on a high from the amazing vibe and energy Ben puts out!

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Last Night was my first ben experience, and I was definatly impressed. I have only been a ben fan for about a year now, but I am amazed at his talent. He really put on a fantastic show, and something I will never forget. I do agree the crowd was alittle pushy and many did not seem to fit ben's style but that moment when he started playing I soon didn't even pay attention to my surroundings. I was very lucky to have a really good spot except unfortunatly I couldn't stick around after to meet ben and the rest of the innocent criminals, though i wanted to. This was an unforgetable night and He is an incredibly talented musician.

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Well another amazing show in the books. I must say the crowd sucked at a whole, seriously. Near the front there was pushing, shooving, complaining, and angry people in general. Granted there were some very cool people that would help you out if you needed to get by. The music was unreal. Walk Away was a personal favorite but Manic Depression and Faded were the guitar highlights. Meeting the Band afterwards was very cool. My first time doing that. Very down to earth people. can't wait for Summerfest


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Amazing...absolutely amazing. The show last night truly set itself apart from the other two shows that I have previously seen. The set list was fresh featuring songs I have never before heard before in concert. A true treat. Ben definitely conveyed the passion and blew us away. The crowed was a little younger and some were more punkish than usual which kind of messed with the whole atmosphere, but Ben's Faded=>Whole Lotta Love will make you forget there is /anyone/ around you.. After the show Ben was totally cool about chillin and hanging out with some of the fans. Juan and Dean even came out for a while to kick it with us. The one thing that just totally kicked my ass was that Jack Johnson and his group has to drive themselves around in a minivan. It is absolutely crazy. Jack's drummer, Adam, was totally cool about talking to us real early. He even gave us some ice tea to quench our fan driven thirst. Overall a great show, lame fans, insane set, and just an amazing group.