05.13.01 Cedar Rapids, IA

Paramount Theater with Jack Johnson

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heading to the show, i literally felt sick, i'd spent most of the day on the road, i was so tired, i had just gotten back from driving 8 hours moving a friend to drive 2 hours to the show, and i was a little tired, i came in sat down, slightly enjoyed the opening act, it was my second ben show. i liked the venue, maybe i was it was the lack of sleep(that i forgot about when be came on) but i thought it was a sweet show, the thing about concerts, is the more you go too the more you listen to the music, and forget about the crowd. both times i've seen ben, it's taken me a little bit to get into him, but i love the show by the end, this show was the second mellowiest show i've been to, Neil young did an unbelievable acoustic tour in 99. mellow in many cases means quality, the e was so nice, people clapped at the begining of the song and roared at the end, the rest silence, i think that means alot with the audience connecting. personal highlight the intro to forgiven, reminds me of this nusrat fateh ali khan cd i got, he was a legend in world music, and that is defintly the style ben was aiming for. . . i think he hit it. one last thing, a lot of people in my world don't know who ben is, so i tell them he plays mountain funk. it is how one of stone gossard's friends described neil young's music, i like that, music that doesn't really fit. ben is the freshest face in music, to me

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Only my 3rd show, but it rocked just like the rest. I liked the fact that he did some rare songs(By My Side, etc.) Juan's fretless bass solo on By My Side was incredible. Not a real high-energy show, but for the Paramount Theater, that's exactly what it needed. My only gripe was the guys in front of us yelling for Juan and just being disruptive overall; one of them was the guy that got onstage. I hate to sound like a parent, but going to concerts like Ben's is like going to church for me, and if you can't go to a concert without getting completely loaded, maybe you should save the ticket money and listen to the album at home. Sorry for the rant. All in all, my favorite show so far. Take care, y'all. We'll catch you later.

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My 6th show, and ben still amazes me. This show was less rockin and more mellow. the only rockin rockin song was forgiven and woman in you, but i loved the venue and the mellow set. Rare songs like wicked man and shame and god fearin man were so great. the hilight was welcome to the cruel world, i love that song to death. The audience rocked b/c they were quiet and ben played SIX songs. Shall not walk alone produce tears in my eyes. ben always amazes, it will be sad not seeing him for a year, totally worth the plane ticker from florida and drive from chicago. Peace, Love and Harper--

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considering the fact that this was my first harper concert, i was blown away. i had been working myself up for this concert for a while and it was everything i thought it would be and more. i was kinda disappointed because their curfew cut in and their E2 was just "Sexual Healing". But ben is a dream. he could make everyone in that auditorium slap their silence against the wall at any moment he wanted. when he sang, you could feel his soul. and thats what this life is all about. thank you ben.

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...what kate said.

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I don't think that band gives bad perfromances, but last night was not as good as they have been. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad a came, (even though I had an 8 AM final the next morning), but it was lacking something. I think if the setlist had Ground On Down, Vodoo, Please Bleed, or something a little more rockin' it would have been better. The show just seemed to simmer, not boil over like previous shows had for me. Ben talked a little more than he usually does. He told a story about how when rehearsing for Fight For Your Mind they practiced in a small room that had only a hemp curtin between them and some 80's hair band. He said that one day they came in and that band was playing Ground On Down. At that point we were all expecting Ground On Down, but it was just a tease. O well. Looking forward to a good show tonight in Ames.

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although this show wasn't the best performance wise that i have seen, i was blown away by the songs that i havent seen live before...especially God Fearing Man!!! Maybe it was a great show, but i wasn't paying attention because I was worrying about security seeing my camera, but no worries now. I thought that the crowd was going to be extremely noisy because they were hollering quite a bit before the show, but there virtually no sound during the acoustic set which amazed me!! I only took 1 picture during that set because i thought the shutter was too loud. How about the guy that was tackled on stage for Beloved One?? what was he thinking?? I dont think Ben even noticed him because he was into the song. gotta go to sleep now...just had a 3.5 hour drive home...peace