05.17.01 Jackson Hole, WY

Snow King Resort Center with Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Snow King Resort Center - Jackson Hole, WY

The posted setlist is incomplete and out of order.

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this was the first BH&IC concert i have been to. (long time fan). i missed them when they were in boise last summer i drove from boise to see this concert. the concert was awesome. the crowd was alright i thought but the band was great. between ben's angelic voice and the band itself it was just sort of magical for me. totally a religous experience. thank you ben and I.C.

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I thought it was a killer show. I'm a native of Jackson and I really appreciate it when someone big like Ben Harper comes up here. It was well worth my money and my friends and i would definetely go to see him again. The crowd was pretty damn disrespectful during the acoustic set, the sound was not the greatest, but neither of these were the band's fault and they put on a spectacular show. And most of the "hicks from Wyoming" weren't even from here... people traveled from Montana, Idaho, and parts of rural Wyoming got pretty rowdy. the Jackson crowd, for the most part, was very respectful.

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It was a great show! It was more than worth the money. Ben is amazing. Most of the people I ran into were from out of town. It was worth the drive for me. Jack Johnson did a great job as well.

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This show was great, The setlist was great and the venue was really small. The crowd sucked though, but what can you expect from a bunch of hicks from wyoming