05.24.01 Seattle, WA

Key Arena with Jack Johnson

I Was There
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The band played on "Suzie Blue" for the second time ever live.

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First show

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The first time I saw Ben was at the Pier in Seattle (I still get chills about that one!) and the Key was my 7th show since. I was so incredibly happy to hear Wicked Man- I had the single but it got stolen and I haven't seen it around since. Every time I see Ben and the boys I come out feeling mesmerized about the goodness in the world. He captures it in one place for one night that takes me to the next time I am blessed to see this beautiful man again.

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This was my 5th show. It was well worth my six hour drive from Eugene Oregon to Seattle. God Fearing Man into a smokin' hot Manic Depression took me completely away. I was dancing on the first rays of the new rising sun. Jimi Hendrix would have been proud. Ben chated with us about the pros and cons of smoking herb. While he talked, the crowd was quiet and listened carefully. I could see small plumes of smoke rising from isolated pockets throughout Key Arena. By the time David kicked off Burn One Down, the haze began to build. To my complete joy, Ben continued into With My Own Two Hands. By this time, the smoke was as thick as a San Francisco morning fog. I looked over and saw two, yellow shirt patroll narcs taking off their shirts and sparking up a bowl themselves. The entire Arena lit up like a torch. I have never seen anything like it. I cannot thank Ben enough for over coming his illness and giving us a full force performance.

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Braddah Jack get da kine. I only wish da CD wen play on my coconut wireless.

I think my personality changed during the Manic Depression guitar solo. I've changed from a moon rock on planet #9 to a space goat with Mattel Electronic Football in the back pocket of my four-legged anti-gravity suit. Jimi was there, just like at the Backstage in Ballard, except this time he was in a clownin' mood and there was no brew.

J.P. was dancing his rarely seen French/Japanese, one sided, crooked collar up, two-step. In fact, everyone was on the up swing. The yellow shirts even started movin'.

The stage was so minimal though, I really wish Juan would bring back his "Bass-B-Q" Amp/Grill (as seen on TV). His solo just ain't the same without the salt on the back, and the Compton smokehouse flavor.

The first show, of the first tour was in Seattle. So many years later, it's still so sweet. But one has to ask, what could be the next step? It's hard not to look at Jimi and the Gypsies, Bob/Bunny/Peter, Dylan, Miles, Sabbath...they all took a turn about now...The year of the Horse may be when we all feel the thunder and fury of the Slide Bar Stampede...

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Ben, thank you so much for this show. This was the 8th one I've been to, and it was the most powerful by far. Afterwards, we found out that Ben had pneumonia, but he refused to cancel the show. Thanks again Ben.

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Amazing, Ben harper plays the slide guitar with as much enthusiasm as Jimi Hendrix played his strat. His rendition of Manic Depression sent chills down my spine, maybe Jimi was helping out his home crowd. So much emotion and openness Ben wills the crowd into a frenzy and then brings tears to their eyes. Jack Johnson proved why he's touring with Ben Harper, but what were the first three songs he played, hopefully the start of a new album. Thank you for a great show Ben and please come back soon.