06.14.01 Osaka, Japan

Big Cat with DJ Evil Vince

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Kicking off a four night stand in Japan, tonight's show marked the first full length performance with original Innocent Criminal, Oliver Charles on drums and Leon Mobley on percussion. The encores are missing from the setlist.

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I went to see The Innocent Criminals in Byron Bay 2001. I was visiting my sister in Japan and she told me they were performing at the Big Cat. The smaller venue definitely was different to what I had experienced in OZ but the emotion was still there. The crowd interaction seemed to be more noticable, especially with Juan Nelson.
I'm not a great writer but all I can say is that I loved every second of it and the band seemed to play a set that was not so tailored to Live from Mars ( as they did in Byron Bay. It was definitely for the true Criminals fan! ps. the performance converted my sister aswell!

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Everything is going fine we just finished up our first night in Tokyo, a great show. We are getting closer and closer. It is great playing with these guys again, we are having so much fun as we take our trip through our musical journey. The fans are coming out to show great support. Juan and I are back to playing dominoes and having a lot of fun with each other. We've been traveling on the bullet train between Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo we will be coming home on Tuesday to get right into rehearsal for the European tour that starts on the 28th. Alright it's 4:13 am the sun is coming up we have another show tonight. My lobby call is at 3:00pm I have to get some sleep I will talk to you all later.
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