06.15.01 Nagoya, Japan

Club Quattro with DJ Evil Vince

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I saw the god!!!
I have been to ather his live.
It's Berkeley in California 10.8.99.
I think Nagoya's live is good better than Berkeley.How do you think?
My most favorite singer is Ben Harper!!!Thank you.
I'm sorry.I can't speak English enough.

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Well I traveled more than three hours by car to get to the concert, in Japan that's a lot of money, however...

Nice small venue, with a good PA lead to a nice feeling personal performance. I was heartened to see a guy called Ben Harper perform his music, rather than as I have gotten used to, some super star do his job and leave.
Ben seemed to be very honest in his appreciation towards the fans, I laughed when he saw someone in the audience that he had met sometime earlier in Hollywood and was able to remember his name. I'm living in Japan but can't for the life of me remember names! Good work Ben.

Being a guitar player I was interested in seeing Bens Guitars in real life, especially the Weisenborns, that beautiful tear drop shape nearly made me cry. I am now breaking my slide guitar out of its case and visiting some tab sites.

All in all, a wonderful birthday present for me, a gig with a really good feel to it.

Nice work Ben Harper and the innocent criminals. You all made it a good night.