07.04.01 Steamboat, CO

Headwall at Mt. Werner with The String Cheese Incident

I Was There
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Ben played acoustic as a special guest of String Cheese Incident. Around 10,000 people were in attendance. "With My Own Two Hands" was dedicated to Woody Guthrie. He teased riffs of what would become "Diamonds On The Inside" before "Glory & Consequence."

Who Went

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Good show. This was a great one because Ben played an awesome set despite the heat and the dust kicked up by a ton of dancing hippies. Beautiful rendition of The Drugs Don't Work, and then ending it up with Like A King...Awesome Tribute on Independence Day.

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I was in 8th grade man!!!!!!!!! I am a kid from Ft. Wayne, IN. and my friend and I were visiting colorodo my first time even being there. So we look for something to do in the paper and see Ben Harper not knowing that much about him and nothing about SCI we decided to go. After we got my friends mom talked into it we got our tickets the last ones (what luck.) But this show the my favorite ever and it still is by far. I was in the 3rd row and I had so much fun.

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We arrived around 2PM and the temperature was already soaring near the mid-90's. The Charlie Hunter Quartet went on around 2:30PM and they were excellent. The vibe was cool. Mostly SCI fans who are extremely open-minded folks. We were sitting just to the right of the soundboard about 15 feet from the tapers. By the way, there were at least 20 tapers centralized in an area about 20 feet behind the soundboard. This is going to be an A++ show as far as sound quality goes.

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for. Around 4PM we made our way down to the front of the stage. It was jammed packed with Ben & SCI fans. The closest we could get without really offending someone was about 20 feet, but it was dead center. We started chatting with some of the folks. Everyone was cool. I met a bunch of .NETers including Seamus who posts quite a bit. He was waiting for "Whipping" which he got and I was waiting for "Drugs" which I got. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself here.

Prior to Ben going on 3 interesting things happened in my opinion. First, I noticed a blonde woman with sunglasses next to the stage talking with a roadie. Turns out it was Laura Dern (from Jurassic Park). I guess she is a HUGE Ben fan. I heard she was at the Aspen shows with Meg Ryan. She probably has a PHAT house in the Boat. Next, the MC came out and said Ben would be right out and then gave a plug for Jack Johnson's upcoming CO shows. I am thinking Ben had something to do with these props

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What a show. I wish he played longer but he made the most of his hour and a half. Ben is so amazing. I don't know if I can ever see another artist again after seeing Ben. What a setlist too. I have it written down at home, not with me. He opened with "Mama's Got A Girlfriend" closed with "LIke A King" >> "I'll Rise"