07.10.01 Hamburg, Germany

JazzPort Festival with Nash

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oh, i had a wonderful time! my first time to see ben. i became terribly nervous though and acted even worse than how i usually do. but ben shaked my hand and did a little ambrosius rap and i felt ok. show was really nice, too, brought tears to my friend's face. she's saying hi, by the way, please don't keep banning her- it's bad enough i had to leave, but at least you told her about my mission..


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well, i said this before and i will say it again. i really enjoyed the show and was very much touched.

thank you

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I remember the first contact with Ben. I came home from a party and i saw a guy on TV who was talking for a very long time about all these different kinds of guitars. He had his head a little bit down, nice, big lips opening and closing very smoothly. Then a saw him playing live at his concert and since that moment he has caught my heart!
He makes me cry, he makes me laughing, shiverring, thinking and loving!
I wanna thank him for what he has given to me! Sounds a little bit like a love letter-hmm?!

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Bad Boys in da House!!!
TIC rocked, rolled, jammed and delivered an energetic, soulful performance. I was lucky to be upfrontcenter so I saw it all! Ben changed his guitar so many times it made my head spin, and the percussion "landscape" was very impressive. Sometimes the vocals got a little lost, but maybe that was from all the screaming *g*
My faves were prolly Walk Away and Steal my Kisses, but I absolutely loved ALL the show! Enjoyed Ben dancing too :)
It was my first live experience...hope I don't have to wait another 3 years to see 'em again. Ya'll come back to Germany soon now, ya hear! Thanks for the awesome show...and shine on!

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First time seeing Ben and the boys..they were brillant! Ben's solos were so amazing that they made me teary eyed. The concert itself was nothing like I had been to in the states...a perfect end to a wonderful year in Europe. The drum riffs totally rocked and Ben just jammed...can't wait for the next show. My favorite was The Woman in you...wow.

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ok, here's my little review:
the show was absolutely amazing (my first time to see them), the atmosphere was really really nice (none of the pushing and shoving that i've experienced in other concerts), and ben playing waiting on an angel and roses from my friend with such intensity made me cry..

i loved it- thanks guys!