07.13.01 Madrid, Spain

La Riviera

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Ben stressed that it'd been the best crowd of this tour. He asked someone in the front to translate the song titles into Spanish and even said "Tengo Que Robar <muffled> Besos". He followed and said he could get some of it unlike French, German or Italian. Later he approached the front row and received some roses from a girl. In the middle of "Like a King", Ben and Juan's amps quit and the crowd was treated to an extended drum and percussion solo while guitar tech Tom Tyler came to the rescue.

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I was so happy about the concert,it was very good and the sound was perfect,i just have to say:thank you Ben and The Innocent Criminals you are a part of my life.
Thank you guys!!

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The greatest show I've ever been to.Iwant to thank u for being how u are,and for giving us that many fabulous moments with your music and emotions.The band sounded enormous and seemed to have a great time to.Hope we'll enjoy you again some time soonand maybe,who knows,steal some more kisses and smiles from you.Peace and love,my friend."Benito"You take care.Ciao

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Oh my god!, this concert was really amazing!
Ben, you

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First, sorry for my English.
If you are JP i just want to say to you hello.If you are not JP hello too.
JP, i hope that you know who i am.I

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harper started excactly at 9 pm, so i was a bit late when i entered the (incredible nice) concert area. i only knew a few songs of harper before visiting the concert,but the guy ( and all the other band members ) blew my mind and rocked the fuckin