07.14.01 Caminha, Portugal

Vilar de Mouros Festival with Fantomas

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Vilar de Mouros Festival - Caminha, Portugal

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It's been three years since this show and looking back it just so happened to be one of those perfect days. You don't get many. This is for the American fans that do not get to see Ben in places like Portugal. Vilar de Mouros is located in the mountains right near the northern border of Spain and Portugal. From the photos you can see the trees that line the venue. It's gorgeous! Also, where else can you drink fifty cent pints of great Portuguese beer? This is one of three European shows where I have tracked Ben down, and even though the set was the shortest, the atmosphere made up for it. Alex, if you ever read this, get in touch with me. You are what made this a perfect day! I'll always try to steal your kisses!

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wow.. what a concert. it was a very very beautiful concert. I yield, I cried, I laughed.. and it's in this mix of feelings that the pleisure of watching a Ben's concert comes up.
From the joyness of "Steal my kisses" to the tears of "Waiting on an Angel" or the fury of "Ground on down" everything was beautiful. I'd love to watch ben again, but like one of us said, in a concert just with him.
One more thing... the IC's and Ben are probably one of the best bands in terms of music. Their interaction and feeling is perfect. And Ben's solos for me.. are just those things I can't describe. I won't forget the intro to Forgiven. I felt like I was looking to a god. Wow.
Can't wait to hear more from ben.
Congratulations to Ben and the IC's.

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already past 3 months that you were here, in Portugal!ths for coming!! Yesterday, 14 october, I celebrate hearing your cd

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hear your sound is like Burn one down. Really, your sound take us to another dimension, to the lost paradise.
Please, back to Portugal soon, cause we embody your soul, we have fight to be free, like you and Bob proclaim.

See you later.

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How is the feeling to be just one man playing and singing with a divine beauty in front of millions of people?I don't know, nobody knows,just BEN HARPER know... Thank you Ben!Never forget Portugal,a small country with a big musical soul...

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ben, you amaze me. i'm all over your music like aunt jemima on a stack of pancakes. i live in canada but i was in portugal when you played there so of course i had to go to your show. it was the best part of my trip. especially when you played waiting on an angel because that's my favorite song. i like to tell people that you played it for me. keep on rockin! xoxo

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Thank you very much! I really loved the concert... "Whole Lotta Love" was great! I love Led Zeppelin ;) but I prefer Xutos & Pontap

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To Mr. Ben Harper the great man on Earth. Just to tell all fan

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Ben Harper is without a doubt one of the greatest performers in the world. This opinion maybe clouded from the fact that i am a great fan of him and of his innocent criminals. Althought we (the fans) know "all" of his musics, he can still surprise us with is simplicity and the way he plays all the songs. There are certainly musicians that can play the guitar with great virtue, but they fail to play it with such a feeling like Ben does. He inspired me, even playing songs that are not great hits, he was able in such a relaxed a felt way, to move me and the rest of the audience, in a way that can only be felt live, looking at such a wonderfull person that has the gift to write and play music with such simplicity that touches very complex areas of our innerselves. Thank you Ben Harper, don