07.18.01 Nîmes, France

Festival de Nîmes Arènes de Nîmes with The Blind Boys of Alabama

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Festival de Nîmes - Nîmes, France

Encore 1

Very special guests The Blind Boys of Alabama joined the band once again for gospel versions of "Give a Man a Home" and "I Shall Not Walk Alone".

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Encore et toujours une pure merveille, un moment unique, un concert grandiose et une ambiance de folie ... Trop fort!

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Me with two friends ,we come from britain.We made 890 KM to see Ben in NImes.It was the better day of my life because at the end of the live ,i was the only man with the britain flag and Ben Harper show me with his finger.Ben Harper like Britain because three day laters,i saw him in the festival des vieilles charrues.Thank you so much ; for me you are the best musician of the world. THanks and bye J-M.

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well... as apparently everybody, I cannot express what I lived that night with just "words", this was terrific, magic, unbelievable, wonferful....thank u so so so much to Ben and the Innocent criminals!thank u, thank u thank u! U cannot realize what I lived thanks to you, guys : THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN

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I didn't want to miss this event. I don't live so far from Nimes (Montpellier) and it was my 1st concert of Ben. It was wonderful, i can't describe it with my own words. Emotion was surrounding us and the setting gave a certain magic aspect.I felt touched , it was so profound and touching and strong that i had tears in eyes! The audiance was so great too!Well it was a pure and powerful moment!"Ben i love u"

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I want to thank you for this beautiful concert in N

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NO WORDS for such a show..... Ben was incrdible, the innocent criminals too, and the blind boys were great great great... Sorry I don't find any words for a moment that magic... I can jsut say THANK U THANK U THANK U

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ce concert etait terrible, vraiment. Le site, les blind boys of Alabama sont super, et Ben and the Innocent Criminals...et bien ca tuait. dommage que mon ange n'etait pas la...

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what can be said about the most perfect show that i have ever seen. it was intense from start to finish. the enery was incredible! it was like a game we were playing... ben would give it to us and we

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incredible, Ben sounded like God in this monument (les ar