07.20.01 Carhaix-Plouguer, France

Festival Des Vieilles Charrues

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Festival Des Vieilles Charrues - Carhaix-Plouguer, France

During a raining set, Ben played policeman and asked the soaked fans to take it easy as they pushed their way to the front.

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The rain gave him a boost or I don't know, but he was amazing! CRAZY GOOD!!!!

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Oh, Ben, I was waiting for that during a long long time!!! It was wonderful!! I regret one thing: I was in the front row but I had to leave after the third song, as the same time he did the "policeman". But It was fabulous, I couldn't walk at the end of the concert because I was in a unexpressable feeling which cut my legs!!! THANK U FOR ALL YOU'RE GIVING US!!! PEACE, LOVE. Coralie.

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HI everyone!!
I was there in Carhaix, like last year, and for sure it was a great experience. The Ben show of this night was very strange and very beautyfull. I will try to explain:
When Ben & IC came on stage, the crowd became wild especially when they played Get up Stand up after Oppression, every one tried to get in front, but it was impossible so they pushed a bit and near
of us some people fall down. Ben saw this, and looked scared: he didn't want anybody to get hurt at one of his concerts. So he played smoothly in order to calm everyone. To say he played policeman is a bit hard, because he only said something like "There are some tiny, fragile people in front, so please don't push". In order to keep everybody cool there was no hard electric sound or negative sounds, it was all full of love and spirituallity. Leon and Oliver were perfect, and of course Juan was awesome, filling some blanks with bass solos.
Ben also played on the percussion kit!! That was funny!
I remember that it was raining a little bit, but the crowd was so concentrate so close to them that there was a sort of fog accross the audience, some hot human energy blowing in the air, something i never had experienced before!
This show was history.
I regret only two things:
-it was THE perfect atmosphere to play "God fearing man" but they didn't, it could have replaced "Walk away" which is too intimate to play in front of 60000 persons (that's a very personnal point of view of course, I respect their choice)
-it was not dark during the show (it was too early) so we couldn't appreciate the lights.

Thank you Ben & IC for this night I will never forget, and what a pity Gavin that you didn't came before to Europe..


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Thanks for existing, when I feel bad, your songs make me better.
This concert was again a great moment in my life, it was so great to see all of you so close from home!
Thank you for having tried to calm those who don't appreciate enough music to stay fair, thanks from small and fragile people.
I am looking forward to seeing your new CD.

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It was an unforgettable concert once again. I regret however the atmosphere which was too violent. During the concert people crowded and it was unpleasant. It was not possible to take advantage of the music. I would have appreciated that the fans calm down when Ben asked for it. He was not in a good shape and he would have deserved a better reception.

I hope that it will not prevent him from coming back to see us in Brittany and in particular to Carhaix in the festival des vieilles charrues.

Big kisses to Dean Butterworth (CF Steal my kisses)

We wait impatiently to see you again in France. I hope that Ben will take advantage of his holidays as well as all the band.

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thanks a lot for this fabulous concert, even if the rain wasn't so great, your songs make us be better :)
brittany is your home you know !

Romain from Brest

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Whith the rain you stay our sun. thanks again and again for all of this happiness...thats the power of your music...thank you