07.25.01 Rimini, Italy

Stadio Romeo Neri with Marlene Kuntz

I Was There
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At the last show in Italy, the band delivered one of their best performances of the tour. Centered in the middle of a futbol stadium, they played to a crowd of just around 5,000. The night was accented with a cool breeze from the nearby Adriatic Sea and fireworks overhead. Obviously having a great time, Ben practiced his linguistic skills with the crowd by naming off song titles in Italian. Juan teased the Nestle Crunch theme again. This time he incorporated it into the "Fight" jam. Ben later gave props to the entire band and crew and...this writer! During "Steal My Kisses" Ben reinvented the song as he left his chair and jammed on Leon's percussion kit. Oliver closed the night with a blistering beat on oft-played closer "King/Rise."

Who Went

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my first BHIC gig, loved it!

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Well, I find myself wandering on the site and write a review two years and a half later...that was my second gig of BHIC and...it obviuosly kicked asses! onelove, D.

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I Started with your "welcome to the cruel world" and after a while I saw You and the Inncent criminals at the Subterrania Club London UK (1995 or 1996)!!
I was in Rome 2000 (I guess) and Rimini 2001 and I have to say that even if all your concerts are amazing the first one is the first one.
See you soon in Italy Ben!
Ciao Stefano


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I had been travelling through Europe for the past four months, when I caught word that Ben was playing in Rimini. Hoping to grab a last minute ticket I hopped on a train and sojourned up the Italian coast from the south. Arriving to see Leon, chatting it up with some people outside of the stadium, I knew from the outset that the night would be a beautiful round up to a journey through Western Europe. With a blue t-shirt reading "PROUD TO BE UN'I'ON" Ben arrived on stage to the elation of that expectant crowd. With some initial tutoring from the Italian fans the language barrier became non-existant. But it was when he introduced Glory & Consequence in fluent Italian that the stadium exploded in joyous cheers! All members of the Innocent Criminals grooved with the largest of smiles stretched across their faces throughout the entire show. Leon's djembe rolls and solos in Oppression, and Burn One down, brought the salutes of raised j's all over the place, and appeared to blow Ben away at the same time.
This is getting pretty long so i'll cut it now, with thanks and praises, from a Canadian Traveller to all those in that Italian crowd. And of course a thank you to Ben and the Innocent Criminals for an amazing final chapter to my journeys away from home...


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Like a king, BEN!
Third time for me, after PISTOIA '99 and PERUGIA '00...
RIMINI '01 will fill my mind for years!
Keep fighting for your (our) rights!


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once again incredibly amazing. i honestly am happiest watching these boys live. every moment is pure heaven. its gonna be hard waiting for the next tour but remembering the shows that i was fortunate enough to see in europe will have to hold me over.i will have to be transporting myself back in time on regular basis. dont forget that ben busted into concrete jungle during attitude if i remember right...killer!
thank you all for being so beautiful and loving the music!
peace. jenn

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on wednesday 25 i saw you and your special band.....you have a very big fascination and i'm never fed up with your voice!thanks a lot!!see you soon

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hi ben!
i saw your performance in rimini on 25 july...it was my third time i listen to you...now i'm sure:you're the greatest one!!!just a question:whose "so fresh so clean"? all my love and devotion

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no words.Fantastic.Ben did also a solo on percussions on steal my kisses:great!I've also chatted with ben for10 minutes at the end of the concert and he was very kind.He was very tired:2h and half playing and singing!!!Just a question:he was wearing a beautiful pair of shoes but they were a nike one...it's morally incorrect.

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thank you ben and innocent criminals...great performance..

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Simply great!
Ben Harper and the innocent criminals are able to make people breath and feel the music. Incredible vibes flought in the Stadium.
Apart from the great astonishing way of playing instruments along with the voice it's also his personality that hypnotize people.
Beautiful and beautiful again, not only good music but also a lot of spirituality. Big up to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals...we want definetely more!!!