07.26.01 Nyon, Switzerland

Paléo Festival with Placebo

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Paléo Festival - Nyon, Switzerland

Returning to the magestic setting of the Paléo Festival for the fourth time, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals were the highlight of the night. More than 30,000 fans watched the band deliver a solid tour-ending performance. As the band took stage after midnight, Juan's djun djun came loose from its stand. Fortunately stage technician Josh Arroyo was quick to fix the problem and the show was quickly underway. Unfortunately, the slowdown combined with a late start time left a few fans sleepy despite attempts to invigorate them. Nevertheless, Ben greeted the chanting crowd and said the festival might just be one of the best in the world. He returned to the percussion kit and danced around for "Steal My Kisses." Juan stole the show with his funky bass jams and skats. "Manic Depression" was simply off the hook. The tempo grew constantly faster and harder as the band held down the rhythm. It highlighted a hard-rocking set that enveloped the ear-piercing crowd... Placebo played the same stage earlier. Black Uhuru and more performed on the other stages. Most of the festival was aired on local radio and television. Couleur 3 broadcast "Burn One Down (cut)", "Gold To Me", "Fight For Your Mind", "Glory & Consequence" and "The Woman in You (cut)" the night of the show. RSR1 aired "The Woman in You (cut)", "Steal My Kisses", "Manic Depression", "Ground On Down" and "Forgiven (cut)" on October 25, 2001.

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Hello Stéphane, si tu passes par là fais signe, j etais avec toi au réservoir notament, et serai au Montreux pour le concert si jamais!

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I was one of the lucky Ticket-owner........It was a great concert...definitely!!!!!!!
Never seen such a great atmosphere.....
Ben Harper for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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le 07 26 01 nyon,swi

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I had just discovered Ben Harper and his band a few day before the concert in Nyon because a friend had two free tickets and gave them to me. So, I went to the concert with my best friend just after I had bought Live From Mars and the concert was so magic that I am now a real fan and have since bought all of Ben's Cd's! As my friend did! Thanx for the best concert I have ever seen and please come back soon!!! We already miss you!

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The Nyon show was definitely the best Innocent Criminals show I've seen. Though I love Ben's solo acoustic work it was thrilling to see the entire band rock hard from start to finish. Every member shined on stage and I think all of their playing was elevated by the way they shared the spotlight with rockin solos and improvised jams like I've never seen them do. I've always been a fan of Ben's guitar work but was awed this time, he's as exciting as anyone else out these days. I heard people in the crowd calling for some of the softer stuff but was glad to see them denied. Thanks to the band for such an incredible experience, it was just the type of Ben Harper show I've always wanted to see. Now if we could just have festivals as orderly, clean and peaceful as Paleo in the U.S.

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I was at the concert in Nyon and i must say it was the best concert by Ben Ive seen out of the four times he's been to Paleo and once at the Geneva Arena. I was lucky enough to meet the main man himself in the press room.

Special message for Ben and the group - hope you enjoyed my little green gift to you all - thanks for singing "burn one down" - and thanks for the autograph Ben

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This concert was like a dream I will nerver forget it it was so fun.
I hope you will come back very very quickly we miss U!!

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What a show. It felt like the old band getting back together gave a new wave of powerfulness to Ben's concert. The songs were incredibly long and Ben's electric solos were just amazing. It definitely was a different kind of concert than the previous times i have seen the Innocent Criminals on stage... We also saw a very dancing Ben and the part where he played on Leon's percussions was really cool!
A great show.

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I'm home now and the tour was fantastic. The Nimes show was a very special show, the response from the crowd was amazing and our performance with the Blind Boys of Alabama was spiritually uplifting, in all honesty the shows just kept getting better, right from the beginning to the end. We were asked a question at press conference "what have you learned from putting this band together again on this tour?" and Ben passed the microphone to me and I said "we learned that we enjoy playing music with each other, it is very special." We were sad to be taking this time off but the guys need it and we look forward to coming together again real soon to continue this mission. There is a lot off LOVE in the air.

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oups I've forgotten...

Like a King/I'll rise

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Here is the setlist of this wonderful show!

Oppression/Get up Stand up/Oppression
Burn One Down
You Look like Gold
Fight for your Mind
Glory and Consequence
Steal my Kisses
The Woman in You
Manic Depression
Ground on Down
Faded/whole lotta love/ Faded

God Bless Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, his fantastic crew, Josh and of course JP.

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Last show of the year....Ben played percussions during Steal My Kisses for about 30 seconds...We're gonna miss him in the next months.