10.20.01 Mountain View, CA

Bridge School Benefit Shoreline Amphitheatre with Neil Young, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Dave Matthews, Tracy Chapman, Billy Idol, Jill Sobule

I Was There
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Ben Harper Setlist 1969-12-31 - Bridge School Benefit - Mountain View, CA

Guest Set

After performances by Neil Young (solo) and Jill Sobule, Ben Harper played a solo acoustic set to a packed house. Making his way on stage, he high-fived all the Bridge kids sitting behind him. Then he opened the set for the first time with "I Shall Not Walk Alone." Following "Burn One Down / My Own Two Hands", he switched his acoustic guitar with a lap slide guitar. Unfortunately his finger slide came up missing and he exclaimed, "This is what I get for not having my own crew with me!" A few moments later a replacement was found... He ended the 40-minute set with a stellar version of "The Woman in You"... Later during Pearl Jam's set, lead singer Eddie Vedder invited Ben to the stage. On his way out, Harper high-fived the band and carefully positioned his chair next to Vedder's. Anticipation grew heavy amongst the crowd. Like three years before at Madison Square Garden and earlier this year in Sydney, Eddie and Ben captivated the crowd as they traded verses on "Indifference."

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i love you

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Seeing Ben is always a wonderful experience. You just can not describe him in words. He cares so much about his fans. I met him on the Jay Leno show and my room mate told him how big of a fan I was, and he said, "Katie it means the world to me that my music means that much to you..." ahh how perfect is he? As usual, his performance was awesome and that was the best version of The Woman in You that I have ever heard. Hurry back to the studio Ben!!

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I was really excited to hear that Ben was at bridge this year, it was my first time going, and my first time seeing Ben. The second show blew me away, when he played when she beleives it was so beautiful,,I went into my own little world! It was especially amazing to see Ben with Pearl Jam (the whole reason I went!) I love how Eddie and Bens voices sound together..I feel lucky to have been there!! I cant wait to see Ben play again :)

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Ive become a Ben fan through being a Pearl Jam fan. I saw the Sunday Bridge School show. Besides Pearl Jam, Ben was the best set there. Highlights for me were Roses from my Friends (one of my favorites) and Ben's assistance on the most incredible version of Indifference Ive ever heard (been waiting a long time to hear that song live) Cant wait to catch him again.

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Ben's "Whipping Boy" facing the Bridge kids brought me to tears it was played so beautifully--I feel amazingly priveledged to have gotten to hear & see that. Ben was flawless, playing completely different sets each day. He sounded (and looked) sexy as ever! What a magical couple of evenings...

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I've been waiting for Ben to play Bridge for years and it finally paid off. From the quiet heartfelt opener to the minute and a half scream (I swear!) closing out Woman In You, Ben surely made a mark on the audience. It was so much fun to start off such a great show with good old Ben...

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Ben was unbeleivable at Bridge. I was lucky enough to see him both days and he was so awesome. My favorite moment was when he turned around and played Whipping Boy facing the Brdige School kids. In addition, I was able to hear a new song and an incredible performance on Woman in You. Thanks Ben!

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Bridge School always has an incredible list of performers, but this year I was most excited to see Ben. Though he only got to play a short set, it was still incredible and moving. Ben always seems so compassionate to his fans, and in this case, the Bridge School kids. It was a great surprise to hear him play "Indifference" with Pearl Jam later that night. I hope he plays more Bridge School concerts in the future!