10.21.01 Mountain View, CA

Bridge School Benefit Shoreline Amphitheatre with Neil Young, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Dave Matthews, Tracy Chapman, Billy Idol, Jill Sobule

I Was There
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Ben Harper Setlist 1969-12-31 - Bridge School Benefit - Mountain View, CA

Guest Set

On the second night of the Bridge School Benefit concert, Ben played "When She Believes" for only the second time ever live. After "Roses From My Friends", he turned around and played "Whipping Boy" to the Bridge kids sitting behind him. To close the set, his mother made a suprise appearance and joined him on the Dylan tune "Tomorrow Is a Long Time." During Pearl Jam's set, Vedder again invited Ben on stage to help sing "Indifference." The tune landed on the band's annual fan club Christmas single. View photos at www.walfredo.com.

Who Went

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ben harper rocks
walk away is the sadest song i have ever heard but i still love it

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when i went to offshore a few years ago that when i saw ben harper and i have loved his music ever since and have all his albums. i luv Ben Harper and when he comes back to melb i am goin to see him agian.

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Ben's music was beautiful at bridge school. But more beautiful than his actual performance was the positive spirit which he displayed towards the kids, the crowd, and the other musicians. Both days, Ben made it a point to personally greet each child on stage. It also touched me to see how genuine his relationship is with the other performers who were there, particularly Eddie Vedder. In light of world events, it was a blessing for me to be at a show where I could feel a real sense of peace and hope...Thanks to Ben.

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I consider myself a very privileged person to have witnessed Mr. Ben Harper live in concert a little while ago now, though it feels like yesterday. Festival Hall , Brisbane Australia, back in 1996-7 . The most magical experience I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Those who see this message and haven't had the true pleasure ofseeing Ben Harper perform LIVE , don't waste that next opportunity. Love Your Gift Ben !

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Hey there everyone! I had such a great time at Bridge School Benefit...I thought everyone had great sets. I loved how the whole thing was accoustic...it was so mellow. I'm sooo sorry to say that I missed Ben's performance!!! That was the only reason I was going-was to see Ben!!! I almost started to cry when I found out I had just missed him. :(
Anyway, Ben has been such a fantastic influence on me and I love reading his lyrics, let alone listen to him sing. I want you to come back to the Bay Area soon, Ben!! I want to see you do your thing!
Have a good one,
a HUGE fan

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Traveling four hundred miles from Orange county Ca.I wanted to catch a glimpse of the talented Mr. Harper.This is my seventh show and i am begining to see the growth lyrically and musically that Ben has develop through live shows and way he can communicate through the crowd with his music.He is absolutley amazing.Please continue to be real with your music.Thanks for your new song "when she believes" it was very poetic.

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I'm sorry to say that I had never heard of Mr.Ben Harper before the Bridge School Benefit. This man was incredible! I now consider myself a huge fan and can't wait to buy his albums. He is so talented and his performance on Sunday was awesome, especially the number with his mom and when he turned his back to the audience and sang directly to the kids. I went to the benefit to see Dave (Matthews) and fell in love with Ben!