06.20.02 Telluride, CO

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

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Coming off a month in the recording studio it was no surprise to see yet another new tune debut at tonight's show. Midway through his solo acoustic set at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival fans heard "Diamonds on the Inside" for the first time. "When It's Good" featured Leon Mobley, who also played on "Burn One Down", a new version of "With My Own Two Hands" and "The Woman in You".

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It's been a couple of months since getting back from Telluride. Ben's set was the highlight of the trip for me. I was completely blown away by the power, grace and beauty of his performance. He played with so much energy and raw emotion. At one point in the show it felt as if though his vibe was flowing directly into my soul, filling me up with strength, vitality and peace. I've been a huge fan throughout the years and will cherish this perfomance for years to come. Thanks Ben, you are so much the man!!!

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In Telluride was my first opportunity to actually see Ben in concert. I'd give the show a big thumbs up. I love the dedication he has to his music--you can tell he really cares about what he's saying.

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I can't wait until the big concert, but i was very disappointed the Innocent Criminals aren't touring with him.

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Experiencing Ben's set in such a serene setting was amazing. His voice was particularly clear and he carried a tremendous amount of emotion in each song. He played "Walk Away" as the sun set and the girl behind me was actually crying. His two new songs were both great, but the highlight for me was the version of "My Own Two Hands" that he played, which was way more mellow and a few keys down from normal. Hopefully one of the may people taping got that one because it was a huge hit with everyone I talked to after. Ben won over a lot of new people at this show who had no idea of the power or emotion the man carries in his voice. Most people were there to see traditional bluegrass music, but were really into Ben's set and said they couldn't believe they had never heard of this extrodinary talent.

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Just got back from beautiful Telluride. I did not write anything down, but here is what I remember in no
particular order:

Great news! He played a NEW song tentatively called The Diamonds Inside (I Think?) and Ben said it will
be the title track to the next studio album. The song is AWESOME.

Welcome to the Cruel World
By My Side
In the Lord's Arms
Waiting on an Angel
Pleasure & Pain
Mama's Got a Girlfriend
Burn One Down/ 2 Hands (new version) - with Leon
Walk Away
Excuse Me Mr
Please Bleed
When It's Good
Whipping Boy
I Shall Not Walk Alone
The Woman in You

I am sure I am forgetting a song or two. I know Leon sat in on more songs too. Just can't remember which
ones. All I remember was his HUGE SMILE. The crowd really dug his dynamic. Ben had a couple of
noticeable mistakes (i.e. starting a verse off incorrectly) but he said he just got out of the studio the day
before so that must be a tough transition.

The crowd was very cool and reletively quiet during the soft songs. Ben chatted at the very beginning of the
show about his family and the Claremont music store.

One other thing. This was the most highly photographed show I have ever been to. The security was so
laxed that they were letting anyone walk dead center and snap away. Tons of tapers were set up and the
sound was near perfect. I am pretty sure Ben did an interview with KOTO COMMUNITY RADIO (koto.org) so
maybe we can did that up too.

Got to meet Robert Randolph. He is very cool and down to earth. I asked him about his collaboration with
Ben on the next album and he said "we'll see."

Gotta catch up on some ZZZZZs...


PS - It took some pics but I am sure there will be much better ones as I was on the fence about 9 rows back.