07.12.02 East Troy, WI

Alpine Valley Music Theatre with Liza Oxnard and the Soul Stars, The String Cheese Incident

I Was There
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Ben started his acoustic set with an alternate version of "Steal My Kisses", then moved into a full version of "Power of the Gospel" and a solo rendition of "When It's Good". Leon Mobley soon stepped in beginning with "Forever" and played through the end of the set, which included a new version of "With My Own Two Hands." Later during String Cheese Incident's first set, Leon played the djembe on "Impressions > Drums".

Who Went

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I was so stoked to dee ben solo for the first time and I was not a bit let down by his preformance. I was blown away by Roses from my Friends. Best I've ever heard it played. I really appreciate the way he poors his heart out on stage and reveils his moods and feelings on stage. Also, I love how gracious and humble he is. I really dig what your doin ben. Thanks for all your soul.

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well, all i can say is wow. i saw ben with the rest of the band last year but this show was just so much more intimate. ben is truly the most gracious performer i have seen to date, and even though he sits the whole time, it is still very fun to watch too. the only complaint i have it that he didnt get to play more. woman in you was just awesome. peace

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Perfomance was mind blowing! Burn One Down and The Woman in You were flat out incredible. Leon Mobley was also a huge plus. Long time fan, first time seeing him live. Definitely worth the 2 hour drive from Chicago. My one complaint is that he was only on for 75 minutes.

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AMAZING! Thats it, I think he was as good or better then SCI, he totally blew my mind. Burn One Down into With My Own Two Hands left me awestruck, i have great pictures if anyone wants them, email me.