07.13.02 Noblesville, IN

Verizon Wireless Music Center with Liza Oxnard and the Soul Stars, The String Cheese Incident

I Was There
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Ben Harper Setlist 1969-12-31 - Verizon Wireless Music Center - Noblesville, IN

Guest Set

Ben joined The String Cheese Incident for a new version of "Steal My Kisses" (vocals, guitar) [standing] and played lap slide guitar on "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)". Liza Oxnard sang backing vocals on the former. Leon Mobley played percussion on both songs, plus "Rhythm of the Road" and "'Round the Wheel" earlier in the set. The String Cheese Incident's set was released on On The Road: Noblesville, IN 07-13-02.

Who Went

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Cincitymike's picture

My friend Michelle and I drove in from Cincinnati we had no clue this would be the best show we had ever seen. From the first song we looked at each other and started to cry and we keep doing that through the first 3 songs. We had to do our best to pull ourselves together. By far the most powerful man in music! You all have to admit incredible set list and show. Ben was without a dought sent here from GOD himself. Thank You

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This was the first ben harper concert that I have attended, and how powerful it was. Ben's energy combined with that of the crowd, made many songs like Burn One Down and I'll Rise incredible. Also, Ben joining SCI for Voodoo Chile rocked and was unbelievible!

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three friends and three days all devoted to Ben. All the way from Pennsylvania we drove Night and day To Chill and dance together in the middle of Indiana. The bongos were thundering and Ben's lyrics were flowing. There was so much commotion that we lost our friend Travis. Where are you trav?

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this show was absolutely incredible. me and two of my friends drove from pennsylvania to see ben. the atmosphere was crazy, it was an awesome setlist. the drugs dont work was def. one of my favorites. and when ben came out with SCI. words cant describe that day. cant wait for the new cd and tour. please come to p.a. ben.

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it was awesome. like a king was truly a moving experience. it was the first ben harper show i had to and i loved every minute of it. when he played voodoo child with SCI it was the best moment of my concert going life. it was mazing.

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Hey. This shit was amazing. He played the best version of "Please Bleed" and all of his other greats. What about "When It's Good?" That shit was awesome. He played it on the Last Call he did. It was bad. But he didnt play "Walk Away" or "Forever." All well. I'm goin to see Jack Johnson next so until then, peace

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this is the second time that i have seen ben and it was awesome, can't wait to hear the new album and see a show with the innocent criminals the two new songs kicked ass and ben stole the show with the first verse of voodoo child, not to mention the electricity (and smoke) in the air as he called out leon to play burn one down. its always a great show with ben

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Ben Harper and a guitar, what more could a concert goer possibly ask for? Ben is simply amazing. That was my 2nd time seeing Ben, the last being at Ball St. a couple years back. Ben should have headined the tour simply because his lucious sound and "chill mode" lyrics as my dudes would say, would have been cooler in the dark. Well I can't wait for the new album and the dvd. Keep on jammin ben. oh yeah, big props to Leon for jammin with ben as well, good luck with your show comin up in Cali!!!!!!! One love! Dan

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My fiance and I drove four hours to go to the show. We don't like SCI so we spent 32.00 to see Ben. I have liked Ben Harper for about four years. This was our second show. He is such a wonderful musician. We were happy with his performance. Just wished he played some more songs that we both liked. Can not wait for Ben and the Innocent to go on tour again, because then we will buy tickets to two different shows so we hear all the songs we love.

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this was my second ben show the first at bonnaroo. this show was awsome once again the high light came for me when i got to hear "the drugs dont work" its a song that i have longed to hear from ben. thank you ben it is true everyday is a great day for music especially when it is comming from you thank you.

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This was my first ben harper concert. Ben was awesome, and leon was a great addition. My favorite part was when he played with SCI. The show was amazing and I cant wait to see him again.

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this was the second show that i saw of ben's, the first being at bonnaroo which was a great show but didn't impress me as much as this show at deercreek did ben really showed that he was not only a great musician but a great entertainer.thank you ben

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this was my first ben harper concert. ben was amazing. the slide guitar was amazing. he was the highlight of the show. it's crazy how he can move you with one guitar and one voice. also, deer creek is the absolute best outdoor place to watch live music.

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This was my first ever Harper concert after a long wait to get to one. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to have gone. What can I say the man rocked the house from the get go. The intensity and energy was evident in every lyric and every note. The crowd was electric and the response to "Burn One Down" was memorable. Thanks for an unbelievable show Ben and I'll see you again for sure. Peace. God bless.

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I have seen Ben eight times now and each show is better than the last. When he starts playing the rest of the world dissapears and his voice and passion take you places you never felt. I cried when he played I Shall Not Walk ALone. Thank you Ben for continuing to affect my soul!

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The show was the best of the three i've seen of ben. he played "please bleed" very powerfully and it was nice to see him come back out for "steal my kisses" and "voodoo child" with SCI. I cannot wait for the new record and tour. Thank you ben for an absolutely outstanding show.

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I arrived at this show right as the gates opened. As I waited for security to allow us in to the actual venue, I could hear ben doing his soundcheck. Amazing, truly amazing it was. He twice did Burn One Down. Once solo, and the other time with Leon. Later on, when Ben came on during the show, fans went wild. It was the greatest show I had ever seen. "When she believes" started, everyone erupted with cheers. "please Bleed" was an amazingly phenomenal version. It was loud and wild, and the bext I had ever heard. The show was truly amazing. "Burn One DOwn" came on, and everyone started joining ben, and singing along, as well as a steady flow of joints being passed around the crowd. Leon Mobley was amazing too. He brought a great part to the show, and he definitely made Ben ever better than usual. When ben finished with Like a King, and went into I'll Rise, he stood up, hands at his side, and he began screaming the song out. It brought tears to my eyes, and anyone who was at this show will agree how amazing it was, and how dissappointed you would be if you weren't here.
Thank you Ben!