03.01.03 Claremont, CA

Bridges Auditorium

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Ben was joined by his mother for a surprise duet of Woody Guthrie's "Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)". The band injected Sly & The Family Stone's "Thankful Thoughful" into "Bring The Funk".

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This had to be one of the greatest live shows i have ever seen. The powerful stage presence of the band and Ben's powerful voice connected with every single person in the crowd. I had the opportunity to be backstage before and after the show and get into the concert for free thanks to some great friends...overall, it was an A+ performance, and thank you Joel, Ben, and Roofie for teaching me how to grow musically....maybe someday i will be on that stage. Peace And Love

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This was the best show that I have ever seen. The reggee feel to start the show was very uplifting and got me in a great mood for the rest of the line-up. The show was perfect, with the hometown backing Ben up the entire time. There can be no better feeling than to go back to your hometown and deliver your songs that you treasure as much as he does, to a crowd that loves them just the same. To see a crowd as quiet as we were during the acoustic set was amazing. To see people cry during the song Walk Away showed exactly how deep Ben's words are. I had the time of my life, even if I was in the VERY LAST row of the balcony (literally). Thanks Ben. You left an impression on every person there that they will never forget for the rest of thier life.

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Bridges is a beautiful auditorium, the mural on the ceiling is nice and the hallways and "facilities" are immaculate. definately the most well-kept place i've seen the band play. The setlist speaks for itself. I have only heard most of those songs once at that show, and i highly recommend that as a way to experience the songs for the first time. The security was my only complaint. I mean getting hassled for letting a friend listen through your phone?!?!?! Altogether a great time, with great friends."when you have everything, you have everything to lose"

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wow... I'm writing this review a week (to the day) after the show from snowy Wisconsin (that wasn't so fun to come back to), and I'm still amazed by how incredible it was... I was SO psyched to hear Jah Work... it is one of the few songs that I've been hoping I'd hear at nearly every show I've been to...

I had heard about the reggae version of I Shall Not Walk Alone, but didn't really know what to expect... I was pleasantly surprised though... They couldn't have picked a better song off of DOTI to be the first new song in the set than Brown Eyed Blues... that was AWESOME! I was a little surprised to not see Fight For Your Mind after Gold to Me, but I thought that the version of Gold was one of the best I'd heard...

Welcome to the Cruel World was absolutely AMAZING... it brought tears to my eyes (for the first of many times for the night)... I have never heard it done as well as I heard it that night... and to be followed by Amen Omen, the show could have ended there and I would've been happy... Amen was amazing as well (continue tears...)

I can't pick part of the show that I didn't like... all I know is that it was SO worth it to go all that way... by far one of the best musical experiences of my life...

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I've seen Ben play two times before this show, Bonnaroo being my first Ben Harper Concert, and Nobelsville, IN with String Cheese being the second.

This was the first concert I saw with the entire band, and let me tell you, it was totally worth the trip from Michigan. I was sooooo lucky to have an all acess pass and get to party with the band after this amazing show!

The new reggae versions of Excuse Me Mr., Jah Work, I Shall Not Walk Alone and With My Own Two Hands took some getting used to (cause I love the other versions so much) but they tottally stand on their own as excellent songs.

Those of us in attenance were also lucky enough to see the band playing together in the first announced live performance in quite a while. Not only that, but we also got ot hear the first ever live concert performances of: Brown Eyed Blues,
Diamonds On The Inside,
Amen Omen,
Touch From Your Lust,
Temporary Remedy,
So High So Low,
and Bring The Funk!

Ben Played several of the songs standing, which was cool, and we were introduced as fans to the cool new guitarest Nicky P. And if all of that wasn't enough, we were treated to a moving perofrmance of Woodie Guthrie's Deportees WITH BEN'S MOM!

All in all, I bet that this concert expirence will be hard for me to top, From an awsome setlist, to covers, to speical guests, to meeting the Ben and the Entire band (and smokeing down with some band members that shall remain nameless) Oh, and did I mention that I met Jack Johnson too??? Crazy!


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I flew all the way to Claremont from Seatle to see this show. I have to say that I can't imagine being more satisfied with what I saw. Ben Harper is a musical genius! He and his band played some sick jams. The entire concert I had a smile from ear to ear and chills running from my toes to my head. I loved the raggae versions of the first few songs, especially I Shall Not Walk Alone. Seeing him harmonize and play guitar with his mom was an experience in itself. The last song, Bring The Funk, I was dancing my heart out and loved every minute of it. This will be the show that I will tell my kids about. Thank you Ben, Thank you!

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The setlist also included "another lonely day" and "pleasure and pain".
This show was so siiiiick! It was topped off with getting to meet him at 3:30 am later on that night. Leon kicked ass during the show, and the new songs were so good! If anyone has the show on cd I would love to get a copy. Take care. Peace.

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Really great show!!! Ben was in a great mood and poured out his soul every song. The songs off the new album are incredible live. I got an early copy and it's a must own. Even after only hearing them once or twice, they're captivating if not inspirational. He mixed it up well and had a strong reggae flavor early on, and finished strong with some funk. The percussion element really elevated the jams. Disappointed with the crowd for such a small venue. Very young needed to scream how much they worship the guy during acoustic set. Some just didn't get it. No cocktails to be had which was disappointing. Didn't have to go to the bathroom once though, but they need to put that stuff on the ticket. It was nice to see Ben up on his feet grooving. What can you say, but the man never ceases to blow you away. I give it a solid A. Could of been an A+ with one or two more of his "noticeably missing" jams. But I don't know what I would of had him substitute them for. Would of liked an older more respectful crowd, but we were all that age once. Gotta crawl before you can walk.

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This was a killer show, definitely one of the best i've seen with the band!! Tonight was a great mix of different vibes and styles! The new lineup is already tight and they had a lot of fun. Now Ben is playing a lot of songs standing up which is a nice change so he can move around and jam with the guys. The keyboardist is a cool addition, and he is in the back in between the percussionists. They also have a new 2nd guitarist!!! Nick P , I believe was his name. I loved his soloing and his accompaniments when Ben played slide.

Ben talked about how the press changes his words around and don't believe everything that is printed in there.. something about marvin gaye. Also he talked about how artists should be allowed to make political statements and how his grandfather picketed city hall for the right to put his carvings in his front yard and had kids so they could stand up for what they believe in...

They started off with excuse me mr., jah work, and i shall not walk alone all reggae versions which were pretty sweet. also later on they played Two Hands reggae. Nice to see a different arrangement of the songs. I liked all the new songs , especially Omen and Touch from your Lust (with a little psychedelic jam) and High and Low (?) .. the new album vibe i really am digging.
The Acoustic set was one of the best, with walk away, another lonely day, pleasure and pain and a song ive never heard before that he sang with his mother called Deportees i think..which may be a Guthrie song; it was beautiful!! I loved the drums on that african song, dont know the name, but ben got up to play some drums on it.
The last song Bring on the Funk was pretty awesome live too.. great jam!!
The show was about 2:45 .. he just keeps getting better and better live. Can't wait till the next one!!!!