03.17.03 Paris, France

Casino de Paris

I Was There
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MCM TV and RAI UNO TV each recorded three songs and individual pre-show interviews with Ben for television broadcast. France Inter radio station recorded the entire peformance for FM broadcast. "She's Only Happy In The Sun" and the third solo acoustic encore were not on the original setlist. The band injected a bit of the Jackson 5's "ABC" in "Steal My Kisses", Bob Marley's "Slave Driver" into "With My Own Two Hands", and Sly & The Family Stone's "Thankful N' Thoughtful" into "Bring The Funk".

Who Went

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Dignou's picture

One of the best show I've ever seen...Thanks Ben

marie_frenchy's picture

it was my 1st ben harper & the IC's concert...and such a 1st show !!
3 hours of pure hapiness, it was magic and i will never forgot this moment...
the 3d encore was surrealist ! I shouted so extremely that I could...
and i was lucky this day because i had a ticket for the aftershow by a unknown man in front of the casino de paris...i talked with leon and ben gave me an autograph...

MERCI MERCI MERCI MERCI for everything you gave to us by your music.....

you're welcome in france !

anonymous's picture

The greatest show I've ever seen so far... Happy to be a witness...

c_romy2551894's picture

Un des meilleurs concerts du groupe, auxquels j'ai assist

quijulien85763's picture

Merci mr Ben Harper, merci le Innocent Criminals !
3h de pur bonheur, aucun mot ne peut d

anonymous's picture

3 hours:the time for me to feel pleasure and pain(at the end)THANK YOU BEN.i'm waiting for ben in november,i have already bought one ticket.

anonymous's picture

Thank you all for this concert and thank you so much for your music. It's so good to live and grow up with such sounds by our side.
See you on the road,

flotcho5175083's picture

Listen to Ben not this bushit!

anonymous's picture

I never saw a gig like that in my all life... I can't talk today since my voice is broken. I can't use my own two hands since they're burnt.
It was the real thrill, a pure moment of emotion, magic, poetry.
During these 3 hours of continuous pleasure and emotion, I felt alive.
Thanks to Ben and the Innocent criminals for this show I won't ever forget. Thanks for making me cryin' with "by my side"... Thanks for the hope.

Thanks for all.

anonymous's picture

Red drappery, smiles and happy people....
Ben Harper just blew me away..
3 hours of a brilliant show, the new Innocent Criminals rocking the place till the french audience dropped...
One night in Paris with Ben Harper was like a never ending dream...3 encores...hands red from applause and a crowd filled with love and admiration for the music...
One special thing will stay in my mind...War in Irak was dealed last night in New York...Ben just blew away the fear and sadness of us all in a show...thank you for this special evening. I will never forget...Jeff