03.29.03 Auckland, New Zealand

North Shore Events Centre with DJ Stinky Jim, Jack Johnson

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It is weird how certain music appeals to certain people, and how we can relate periods of our lives to music. He is always good live but I thought this was a great night (except for the knobends who insist on screaming for reasons of self endulgence!). Must be an incredible feeling to have such a powerful influence on a group of people through his music. I really hope I am able to hear him live again soon. Those that do not hear Ben really are missing out on something incredible and his legend is only just beginning.

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Well that's the 5th Ben Harper concert I've been to and I've got to say he just gets better and better... A truly amazing concert and I'm so glad I went both nights this time around as each night had its own highlights that stood out from such a great person and performer... Tino pai!

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In Ben Harpers Pleasure and Pain DVD he talks about when he went to a Bob Marly concert and how it has stayed with him all his life. Ben you are our generations Bob Marley. That night has changed my whole direction, maybe one day I'll join you on stage. Truly a special night, God Bless.

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i was lucky enough to see both of the auckland shows on this tour. after friday night i was concerned that saturday would not be able to reach the same level. however, saturday night was a truly special event. i suspect that the band had had a good day together (perhaps they went to a beach like i did). from the beginning they were utterly primed. we are privileged that ben enjoys visiting our shores so much. in the future, i will certainly attend every show that ben plays if he and i are in the same city on the same night. jack also seemed less nervous on the second night. highlights for me were 'pleasure & pain' and 'burn one down'. arohanui

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Whoa! A concert I dont think can ever be beaten! A true legend and with Jack too.......AMAZIN'!!Keep on groovin.

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Soooo awesome. I can not believe a person can put so much talent and conviction in to a performance. Ben is truly a remarkable man and I hope the rest of the world enjoys his music as much as we did. 11 out of 10.