04.04.03 Melbourne, Australia

Sidney Myer Music Bowl with Katalyst, Jack Johnson

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went to your concert on friday nite it was the best. im a big fan and cant wait for you to come back here. but hav moved to darwin, and you hav a huge fan base up here. could u please come up here next time. cheers again mate for the music

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Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals..... are these guys the best live act in the world? That was an absolutely amazing experience. I dont go to church, but if that is religion, i am converted. Its not the first time i have seen them play, but this show was by far the best thing i have ever seen. The power of The Woman In You was simply stunning. And for having control of a crowd, there is none better. Has anyone ever seen a cloud of smoke rise as one like when they played Burn One Down?

Ben, we were all Blessed To Be A Witness to what was undoubtably the most intimate and amazing performances anyone could ever hope to witness. Not only were you amazing, but the crowd as well. It was the first time i can honestly say that ive been to a show that everyone who was there wanted to be there. 1 man, with band, with the power to control 10,000 with any move he makes. who could ask for anything more.

And Jack Johnson........a huge thank you to you too. I love your music and it translates so well live. Couldnt ask for a better way to get things started. The two acts together complement each other perfectly. I hope you guys continue to tour together in the future, it is tremendous value for money.

Thanks guys. Thanks for the most amazing night of my life. Hope to see you back here again soon.

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No words can explain the magnificent performance of funky ones themselves; The Innocent Criminals, Beautiful Ben himself, and the amazing Jack Johnson.
The atmosphere of being outside, the crisp accoustic funk sound powering out of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Friday the 4th of April. An exhilirating, and satisfying experience was had by all.
I have never seen so much happiness from that many people with so so many smiles around. it was just awesome. It must be so fantastic to please so many people around the globe with such talent.
Rugged up on a farely cool evening with my blue headband keeping me warm, front row, no one blocking my view, beautiful musicians in a warm environment...what more could a lady want. Thank you.

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Hi all,
I absolutely agree with all of you - Ben rocked on Friday night.
But i was a bit disappointed with some people who seemed more interested in drinking and carrying on during the show. Just very disappointed with the lack of respect to Ben and to all the other fans who were there to enjoy the music and atmosphere of the evening.

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This night was definately the best night of my life! Never before have I been so moved by a performance! I was totally blown away! Ben you have the most amazing angelic voice, I was nearly in tears during "Waiting On An Angel". You are truely amazing!

Also, big up to Jack Johnson, you rock!!!

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G'day guys!

Well what can I say, but WOW!
I attended the Friday night concert at the Music Bowl, and was totally, completely, and utterly blown away. Words cannot describe or even justify the level that your performance touched me and so many others.
I missed you guys last time you were out, and spent the next year kicking myself! But after Friday night, the wait was well and truly worth it.
Thankyou all so much for a truly mindblowing night.

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What can one say that will attempt to do any justice to what we all witnessed on Friday night. Can I just say that I am truly blessed because I was fortunate enough to see Ben for the fist time from the front row without anyone to block my view.

And what a view, I have never been to a concert and just stood there, staring in awe and amazement until Friday. Ben and crew, you totally blew me away... from I Shall not Walk Alone to Amen Omen, I could feel the emotion in your voice and I was so lucky that I could watch those emotions play across your face. The atmosphere in the crowd was unbelievable... I could have sworn it there were just a few hundred of us rather than 10,000. Words simply don't do justice, for those who were there, it was a feeling, more than anything else... my hat goes off to the Innocent Criminals... what a team effort, from Big Juan who slapped his bass like there was no tomorrow, to the inspirational and lively Leon... what a character! You guys were the ones that made that gig what it was. You could see the appreciation and respect that Ben has for his bandmates... it was just awesome.

I have always associated Ben Harper to be more accoustic and although I wish he had of played more accoustic, you can't really complain with his selection. It's amazing how you hear a song so many times and then you hear it live and with such feeling and it gives that song a totally new meaning. For me that was Waiting on An Angel. As for the rest of the concert, there was SO much energy and it was reciprocated from the crowd who even during Jack Johnson (who was also unbelievable) were clapping and singing along. I'd never seen Ben in that energetic light before and it made for a mind blowing experince.

So once again, thank you so so so much Ben and the Innocent Criminals... I was lucky enough to see you at Rod Laver last night and can I just say that it was equally on par for me, even thought the view was better on Friday, last night totally rocked. Can I just say that Amen Omen was the most heartwrenching song of the night...
"... I put your world into my veins and now a voiceless sympathy is all that remains..." WOW! I had my hand across my heart for the entire song, it was like I had to hold onto it otherwise it would have burst.

ThankYOU Ben for putting your music into my veins... for it is there where it will flow through me and stay forever. You are an inspiration to me and everyone who has experienced your music. God Bless

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Hey Ben and Innocent Criminals!
I went to your concert on Friday night and i thought that was the best concert i have ever been to...I LOVED it! The music, atmosphere and performance were amazing, and the emotions i experienced at your concert were incredible.
Thankyou guys for giving me the single most memorable experience in my life and sharing your fantastic music with me and so many others!

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Last night was the most amazing night of my life. It was by far the best gig I have ever been to. Ben's energetic performance blew us all away. He has the ability to create such a positive energy with the crowd. Everyone was happy, dancing and just loving the night. Thankyou for such a memorable performance and can't wait to see you in Byron for the Blues and Roots festival!

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Wow where do you begin? We felt absolutely privleged to experience Ben Harper's energy and radiance. It was an experience that was needed by all there during times of war and sadness in the world. He gave back to us what it is to feel happiness and light. The love generated by Ben Harper through his own personal energy and musical brilliance touched our souls and was a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing yourself. Until next time...

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Ben Harper last night. Only one word can describe that concernt. And that one word is "amazing!". It was a huge, sold out event, performed in the Sydney Myer Music Bowl. The acoustics were incredible, and there must have been a good 10,000 people there. Even with that many people, there was still this amazing atmosphere, one that Ben Harper himself remarked on. Towards the very end of the show, he had this to say:

"This is a big venue we're playing, and I want to thank you all for transforming this in to an intimate performance"

And it was intimate. I was in the 3rd row, a mere 5 meters (15 feet for the yanks and brits) away from Ben himself. I had the most amazing view, and was just so close to all the action. At one point, Ben looked over to where my best mate Moses and I were. We gave him a huge thumbsup, and he pointed straight at us and said 'Thanks guys". That really made our night!

The music and performances were incredible, but the thing that made the show unforgettable was the crowd. Everyone was so pumped to see Ben play, the applause was thunderous, the singing along very nearly matched the speaker volume. At one point he interacted with us, yelling in to the mike stuff like "yeeeeeah!' hitting different notes, and having us repeat it. 10,000 voices at the top of our lungs, it was just incredible.

Suffice to say it was the best concert I've been to, and i've seen metallica, chili peppers, deep purple, rolling stones, jamiroquai and stacks of others. Thanks you so much ben, that was amazing.

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Hey guys
Last nights concert would have to be the best concert i have ever been to! I had tears in my eyes during some of your songs it was just amazing. Me and my friends were blown away by the power of your music it was incredible. Thankyou so much

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Hey Ben and Innocent Criminals!
I went along to this concert in Melbourne on friday night, i've loved ben's music for a long time and i was expecting so much from him. What the massive crowd at the music bowl got was much much more, it was the best thing i've ever been to in my 15 years of life. It was increadible. Everyone was lost for words, for how good it really was. Thanks Ben you truly rock.