04.12.03 Newcastle, Australia

Entertainment Centre with Katalyst, Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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Its been almost a year since i saw this concert in newcastle, yet i can still smell the excitement and taste the buzz that was in the crowd as we awaited Ben's appearance. I hadn't heard much Ben before that, only Burn One Down and Steal my Kisses. Now - i listen to Ben everyday. I have all his cds and get a many photos as i can. The guy is one Talented S.O.B. To be able to perform to people who havent heard your music before, make them enjoy it, and want to hear more and become more involved with Ben Harper truly shows how greatly talented this ICON is. He is an inspiration, and i hope i can see another of his concerts soon. Perhaps at Blues and Roots?

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The show was incredible! I'm not going to review it but i took some photos and put them on the net if anybody wants to check them out at http://members.optushome.com.au/kevmail/

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This was so amazing...... I had come off the last two nights of BHIC hoping that they would play a different set to the previous two nights. And what a set it was. Thank you thank you is all i can say. Burn to Shine Rocked and closing with burn one down was the ultimate way to end my triple header of harper. if only money grew on trees, i would go the next three shows as well. oh well.... i look forward to reading the reviews for the next three sydney shows. Hope he plays bring the funk and please bleed for you lucky people who are going

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Well that was awsome. Two of the most talented people on stage together in the most amazing show eva and to top it off it was in newy. Ben is truely an inspiring performer(we do love him too despite our bias shirts, and thanx to them both for taking the time to sign them even tho they were worn out). The gig was absolutly.., well awsome is the only word to describe it. Thanks guyz for the show hope there's a reapeat in newy again soon :)

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it was great to have both the amazing Jack and Ben play in my town finally. and an amazing show it was too. A excellent mix of old and new songs,made for a night to remember. I also got to meet Jack, Juan and the man himself(after waiting 8 hrs)before the show . Definately a dream come true. Thank You guys . Ray.

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hey. there is my review of this concert at http://www.oksunday.com/watch/2003_04_13_archive.html