04.14.03 Canberra, Australia

Royal Theatre with Katalyst, Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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That was definitely the best gig that I have ever been to. totally unbelivable. Thanks Ben and the fellas. Juan you are a bass playin freak.... thanks for coming to Canberra, make sure you come back you guys ROCK!!!!

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i was luck to be at the concert and even luckier to meet ben, jack and the innocent criminals...you guys are so cool...thanks heaps for staying after the concert, giving away picks...thanx for that, and we were even able to sing with jack, we had a guitar and sung with him...it was heaps exciting..although not many people belive me...thanks guys for coming and i hope to see you back here soon!!

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ben doesnt use a pic

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Ben, jack and the innocent crimals, you truely rocked. you fellas were unreel. the concert was just awesome. i had the best time of my life at that concert. you guys were truely the best. Ben, man your music is just awesome, theres nothin i love more than listenin to you and the innocent crims. and jack you rocked, you were awesome.
i stayed on after the concert, and saw all you guys, and u didnt just leave u stayed on and signed peoples things and i loved it. u took photos wit us and it was unbelievable. Nicky P man u were awesome, you even gave up ur pick to me. And Ben you were just awesome man, u too gave me ur pick and a hug and i was feelin awesome after that. you all signed my t shirt and i wanna thank you all. it was truely a great nite.

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Unbelievably unforgettable concert!!! Ben Harper and the innocent criminals and jack Johnson you are the ultimate groovier's! You haven't stop making me smile since the concert finished, wishing it didn't. You all captivated the audience into a place of harmony and bliss. The beautiful sounds will be cherished forever!!! You guys are all blessed with something out of this world that possesses everyone to love it. Thankyou very much for coming to Canberra!!!!We love Your music!!!!

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I dont't think words justify the magic created in the atmosphere that night. When Ben and Jack weaved the spell of their music i was brought to tears and i have never stopped smiling , it was almost if you were alone in a room with them.The crowd was very passionate and resectful. I am never gonna be able to describe it.But thankyou so much Ben and Jack for giving me inspiration and cherished memories.

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Thank you so much Ben, Jack & Innocent Crims, this was an absoloutely unbelieveable experience. A day later and I'm still glowing :) Thank you for such a generous and moving set - Your talents blow me away and the way you can touch and capture an audience is inspiring and such a gift. I feel so blessed to have been able to share in this expeience, and hope to do so again in the very near future! Thank you for a night I'll never forget.

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Its 14 hours after the concert and I'm still crying from your encore of 'Waiting for an Angle.' Ben, your voice is truly a blessing. The joy and truth that resonates throughout your music is inspirational.

Its true that last night was an amazing experience. It takes a lot for a Canberra audience to go wild. You, Jack and the truly stupendous Innocent Crimminals pushed our buttons and gave us a night fot those of us who were there will never, ever forget.

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Ben, wow. I've never heard Canberra cheer so loud!
You, the Innocent Criminals, and Jack were totally amazing. I thankyou so much for coming to Canberra, thankyou for your warm wishes on the Canberra Bushfires, and thankyou for taking the time out after the show to meet the fans.
You are an inspiration!

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Ben Harper and his band were absolutely phenomenal. Other bands that I have experienced at the Royal Theatre are Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the Tea Party, and Tool. None of these concerts, although all amazing, were as consistently uplifting as Ben Harper.

The intensity that Ben created through the movement of a thumb, and the unconditional love and respect that the entire band showed for the Canberra audience (an audience that too often goes ignored by big bands) is proof enough that Ben believes in what he is doing. What he is doing is giving the voice of love a genuine form. That form is the band's progression throughout time and space.

While I enjoyed Jack Johnson immensely, I found that Ben had an extra edge to his being and to his music. Both artists - through their calm demeanour and deep respect for us - gave platform to the voice of love. However, Ben at times took this voice to a spontaneous level of rhythmic hysteria, with a leap in the air or a tear in the eye.

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Five hours of pure bliss! The world seems a better place and I am filled with love.
Ben, it was the best concert I have ever seen, and in Canberra of all places!
Thank you, sincerely. My smile keeps getting bigger.

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Thankyou for a truly fantastic show, you inspire us all with your music, a gifted songwriter and musician.

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An absolutely amazing show! My hands were bleeding from clapping, my voice was raw from cheering but Jack, Ben and the Boys put the biggest smile on my face! THANK YOU for coming to Canberra

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An incredible show!!!! Started with the smooth sounds of Jack and then went on to the musical genius of Ben Harper and the boys. A great night. Thanks guys.