04.15.03 Sydney, Australia

Hordern Pavilion with Katalyst, Jack Johnson

I Was There
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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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This was by far the BEST concert I have ever attended. While it was my first Ben Harper concert I can truely report back nothing but positivity. Not to mention the angelic voice of Jack Johnson. Controlled, compelling and captivating. This man was the best supporting act I have ever seen, and the over flowing Horden Pavillion can account for his ability to lure in the listener. With the croud swaying and singing along with the lyrics, clearly this surfer/new-comer has made his entrance and has now become a part of people's souls.

After such a magical performance performance, DJ Katalyst offered some mellow tunes while the Sydney croud took a breather and grabbed a drink. Apart from the music this croud loved to indulge in other pleasures and at times appeared quite out of it. Personally the sounds of Jack and then Ben where a drug within itself - there was no other stimualant that could've enhanced this pleasure or the sheer thrill factor of this pure performance

When Ben Harper walked on stage the croud livened even more, which I thought was impossible. How could a croud become even MORE enthused by music after seeing the effect JJ had on these compassionate listeners. Excuse Me Mr, Power of The Gospel and Walk Away where some of the most powerful. The powerful and magnetic range found in The Woman In You clearly showed what this man is capable of: to provide food for the soul. And how could this be written without paying tribute to the fantastic Innocent Criminals. These tunes alone had the ability to take you to heaven.

After a generous setlist and a fantastic encoure, his music barely left the audience satisfied. This addictive, heart stopping music teased us and left us hungerier than what we where when we entered the Hordon. I left feeling as though I had witnessed two seperate concerts as opposed to one.

Despite a somewhat 'noisy' croud, this event has tattoed itself to my soul for life. I have not stopped listening the sounds of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper since, instantly it takes me back to that night of the ultimate musical indulgence.

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Ground On Down, Excuse Me Mr, Amen Omen, Burn One Down, Power of The Gospel.....
Damn it - way too hard to pick just one favourite.
A truly awesome and somewhat haunting performance - the night will live on in my memory for a lifetime.

Jack was awesome too, a voice like warm honey.

If I had the money I would have gone again.... and again.

So you get the picture - it was an unreal night and I feel blessed to have seen one of the worlds best musicians perform with such sincerity, inspiration (and he's a humble and gracious man!)
I'm sure I'm not the only person who left with a smile, a full heart and an abundance of appreciation.

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the best live performance in the world. you are truely a beautiful spirit. dont stop being special.