04.16.03 Sydney, Australia

Hordern Pavilion with Katalyst, Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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stevefeniuk49389's picture

Best Gig Ever! Came all the way from England to see Ben and Jack. Damn what a trip. Keep up the good work men. Peace

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wot a night!!
read ADC's words - sums it up beautifully.
i was at the Tuesday Hordern Pavillion show and this was even better!! it is SO HARD to see an artist twice and enjoy the 2nd experience more, but tonight i was in heaven!!! HIGH TIDE LOW TIDE with jack was unbelievable. every song was an intense moment. we were on the rail right in front of Ben and Juan and it was soooooo good! Leon is the best percussionist i have ever seen, Juan is a dude aand a half and Ben is a god! He is every bit as mesmerising as Elvis or any artist ever. this is sad for me as i will not see him for ages now but as ADC sed,,, this memory will live on and the sheer magic of it will only be realised in time.

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Thankyou Uncle Ben
That was concert #14 for me. I look forward to #15. Every show will live as a beautiful memory and experience.

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wow, seen you three times ben, and that was the best! you are truely and amazing person, who can make us all believe in love, copmassion and the strengh to keep going.your music is so strong and powerful, thankyou for letting us all share your beautiful gift...

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WOW...just fan-fuckin-tastic...
still have a sore throat form yelling and sore neck but well worth it.
Proberbly the best show i have ever seen...
must say that ben and jacks cover of the bob marley song "high tide, low tide" was unbeliveable.

Katalyst was the bomb too.

Anywho's must go off and sleep
But thanks to ben and the innocents crims, jack, katalyst and everyone who stayed in sydney that extra bit longer for use to see the show!!

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hi yall, well the sad truth is i didnt see no concert, and it broke my heart as i was going!!!!! bens music will always be in a class of its own, it neither needs or has a genre!! its alsome, i read these reveiws with a tear in my eye!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to be there!!! Please tell ben to come to tasmania(bottom of australia) its alsome, a truly beuitful place and all natural, u have to see it!!!
thanks alot please put this on your site.

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What a truly amazing and captivating performance!!
The best live show I've ever been too.
The atmosphere was electric and the crowd filled with warmth and awe.
Thanks to everyone involved for making an awesome show!

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After seeing Ben and the gang on Friday at the Gong and on Tuesday in Sydney, I can say with out any shadow of a doubt that the best live performer of the most inspiring music around is currently down under. A feeling of euphoria plays havoc with your emotions as you realise that the value of this experience will grow infinitely in your memories as time passes you by. Thank you Ben Harper !

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Two words: Pure Magic!!
Thanks Ben, Jack and the boys for a fantastic night. This was the best concert EVER! Thanks for coming to Sydney and playing all my favourite songs!