04.19.03 Sydney, Australia

Entertainment Centre with Katalyst, Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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Though it's been a couple of years since this concert, my memories were recently refreshed of this, the best concert I have ever experienced. It may sound a little sad but the whole experience moved me so much I actually cried during Ben & Jack's cover of High Tide, Low Tide! Simply AMAZING! The talent just blows my mind. Thanks for the wonderful memories :)

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How can i begin describing this concert. it was just so perfect. front row, on the fence, literally 3 metres away from the most passionate musician ever. being able to see my two favourite musicians in one night... it was just overwhelming. jack firstly came out, thongs and all, giving us a taste of what real music should sound like. then the tension was finally released when ben stepped onto the stage. it was the most pumped crowd i've ever seen. he sang and played beautifully and with so much power and passion. sexual healing was definately my favourite, along with steal my kisses and burn one down. i walked out of the entertainment centre not only with a signed jack johnson drumstick (thanks josh!) but an experience that is tattooed on my brain and will never ever be forgotten. please come back real soon ben!

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Ben and jack what can I say you were amazing all the way! The atmosphere of the crowd was so intimate, it was awesome -even Ben said so! My favourite was Burn One Down. As soon as Ben started playing it everybody lit up and the smell of pot was strong! Just before Ben walked off staged I jumped up on the rail and yelled out "BEN!" and he reached down and touched my hand! I couldnt believe it. I had tears in my eyes. Thanx for the best experience of my life Ben - I LOVE YOU! please come back soon.

Luv Liz

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To Ben & Jack
Concert #15 was as beautiful as the first time I saw Ben.Look forward to seeing you play the S.C.G one day.

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I left this concert entirely speechless! To see Ben and Jack live was the most awesome thing, and I'm glad to have been able to experience it. No review could do this concert justice in any amount of words! To Ben, Jack, and the Innocent Criminals,(especially Juan Nelson for his truly inspirational bass solo!) "Thankyou for a most excellent concert!" I look forward to your next Australian tour!

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Well, there's not too much to add... if you have read all the other reviews of Ben Harper's concerts. I was a little overwhelmed by the venue of the Entertainment Center, and thought to myself, "shit, this place is huge... not ideal for Ben!" But, it didn't really matter, Ben and the innocent Criminals adjusted, and brought the crowd into their intimate world! You are truly amazing Ben! A sign of the quality of the concert... I sat there wishing my little sister, my girlfriend, or other friends overseas could have been there to experience the magic. I only regret not getting tickets to at least one more show. Continuous goosebumps, chills at the back of my spine, and a subtle grin on my face for 2 and a half hours! And Jack, little did I know of you... I hope to see you in Aus soon. Ben Harper, thank you!! We Love You Mate!!!!

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Everything was perfect... even though there were so many people it was hard not to feel the power of his music and the intimacy of the night. The interaction with the crowd was delightful and I just kinda 'floated' home. Seeing Ben live is the best thing anyone can do... I can't wait until my next time.



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Like many of the other reviews, I find myself at a loss for words. Nothing could describe the experience nor the emotions or at least I'm not articulate enough to do them justice!!!! But I'll try =) It was awesome!!!! Unreal! I'd have to say my faves were Like A King/I'll Rise, Walk Away, With My Own Two Hands AND Jack's and Ben's cover of Bob Marley's High Tide Low Tide!! I'll have to summarise it all in a few words: passionate, peaceful and power to the music!!! Thank you to Ben & the Innocent Criminals AND Jack Johnson. Jack was awesome as well! Thank you for an unforgettable night!


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It was ridiculously awwesome.. actually I couldn't find any word to describe what has been haapening tonite. I've definitely been amazed by Ben and Jack, even the performance by the Innocent Criminals was superb.
Ben's music, just listen to it is abousltely not enough, you have to be in it, sing along with it and feel it.. I've seen some men were taking a video-recorder around the whole concert,hope this concert will be released as a DVD soon.. I still can't believe I was in the concert tonite.. still too excited.. truly amazing..
(P.S. A bit disappointed Ben and Jack didn't play Flake together, but "So High, So Low" did make it up)