04.21.03 Byron Bay, Australia

East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival Red Devil Park with Jack Johnson, G. Love and Special Sauce, Donavon Frankenreiter, Terry Callier, Xavier Rudd

I Was There
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BHIC headlined the Mojo Stage. A blackout in the middle of "Diamonds On The Inside" turned into a percussion jam where at one point a jumping Ben nearly knocked Juan over! "Blessed To Be A Witness" was not on the original setlist. Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

Who Went

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There are live recordings of this event !! and many others...
check out this link to Jack Johnson playing with Ben... do a search for other unofficial Ben and Jack recordings from concerts up till 2005! Its an awesome site and free...

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I travelled down from Townsville to see Ben and the crims. It was a long trip for one day of the FEST and one artist and I enjoyed every minute. It was awesome for the whole time I stood there surrounded by clouds of rain and soaked in mud. Would have it no other way. It was a true Ben Harper experience. What about coming to Townsville next year Ben? I promise you it won't rain!

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i didn't even notice the rain pouring down on me or the mud up to my knees until the end of the show, that's how much i was blown away by ben & the ic's.
it was very special to be there to hear these amazing musicians & share it with the friendly, peaceful people at byron who, along with me, were awestruck by ben's presence.
keep smilin'. keep lovin'. keep the peace :)

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This was an awesome show.. its quite a while now since bluesfest... but damn BH and the IC's was a mad way to finish. Ben's music is deep and heartfelt and encompasses many of the different styles of music showcased at the fest. Its good to see a musician as richly talented as Ben stay so real, and committed to social issues. The world is a damn better place for Ben Harper's presence. Peace out.

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It was a decent concert, but after the five excellent days of music that I had experienced it really didn't impress me that much. My main problem was the fact that Mr. Harper had a lead guitarist soloing for him on pretty much all the songs, except when playing the slide. Now the guy could definately play but I was there to see Ben cutting sick and that I did not get. All the new songs work well live and the whole thing was very professional, it just didn't have the same impact as previous experiences. Still I had just seen Robert Randolph for the first time, so maybe that was it.

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For many who had not ever been before, Byron Bay was a dissapointment because of the unbelievable rain pouring non stop the entire weekend. But this made the concert even more enjoyable. A little break in the clouds you could say. This was my first Ben concert and certainly will not be my last. The crowd was amazing, all ready to have a good time and enjoy the wonderful music coming from the stage. Ben was everything I had imagined. When he came on stage, its undescriabable. His tight shirt and bright tatoos and controlled afro were slick. I could babble forever. His band is amazing! It was such an excellent concert...even though I came home with mud up to my knees. Woo hoo for the Blues and Roots festival!! What a great venue and concert. Peace!

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What a magnificent way to end 5 days at the Bluesfest.
Ben in red pants and yellow T, tattoos mellowed, clipped down afro, jumpin' round, leaning on Juan, playing the percussion, and singing and playing with sooo.. much feeling.
Thank you guys it was magnificent.
Ben spoke about a misrepresentation from a recent interview-'Don't always believe what you read in the paper. I'm just me- not an interview."
He explained about the Theile Tongue Drum before playing it.
The power went off just as he'd started "Diamonds" about? half way thru the set. Ben wandered down to the barrier chatting, perhaps commenting on the fact that this is the second time a black out has occurred at the Blues. The percussion and drums dialogued in the darkness.
Then we got Diamonds from the beginning again!
From memory we heard-(in no particular order) Excuse Me Mister, Walk away, Welcome to the Cruel World, Ground on Down, Brown Eyes Blue, Sexual healing, Steal My Kisses, Temporary Remedy, Burn One Down, My Own Two hands/War, A duet with Jack??, So High So Low, The woman in You, Diamonds on the inside, Blessed to be a witness, , Like a King/I'll Rise. Someone else may remember waht i've forgotten.
Everyone sang along with gusto those tunes they knew. Personally I prefer to hear the artist, but, what to do!
The line between bliss and sadness is always so exquisitely acute after hearing Ben & IC. The joy of hearing them is fresh and alive, the knowledge of another long wait painful.
Come back soon Ben &IC
peace and love ros