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Let me just begin by saying that I thought my seat was just sweet! Absolute center stage in the balcony, but the place is small and Ben seems to look up slightly when he sings, so I feel like I had a pretty darn good view, and no interference! Thanks for the prime ticket sylvain!

As for the show, I am just in awe still! I had a permanent smile from ear to ear all day yesterday, and unfortunately that is not an every day occurrence! The vibe was SWEET! I like that they play Bob Marley and a few other reggae artists before the show, of course, I like that because I love Bob, but I think it sets a nice vibe! They started with the reggae beats on the first two tunes, and I must say I love it! I shall not walk alone sounds beautiful - just amazing to me (beautiful harmonics I think)! Brown Eyed Blues and Temporary Remedy started to get the place rocking (I know there were some outstanding things about these tunes, but I can't remember them right now - just the vibes were great!) but when Ground on Down came on, that was just it! I was on another planet from that moment on! Was it Ground on Down that had a sweet sweet sweet intro? I can't remember! Welcome to the Cruel world he reached his palm up in the air for anybody who wanted to 'feel' him. Well, I don't think I put my hand up like most everybody else, but I definitely was feeling him! Sexual Healing put me to tears - and I was shocked - and I don't think I know why. They do that song absolutely beautifully! Props to all the ICs! Woman has just got to be one of those better songs of all time! I really think so! It was like a rock opera almost, with the excellent light show (props to whoever does the lighting!) I swear. The show really took me somewhere - and I was only tripping slightly because I had been up all night before studying for a darn test I had to take the next day - but I was definitely traveling somewhere during that show. Steal my kisses is good, I like the drums and the beats. Diamonds was good, With my own two hands seems to be some kind of anthem or something for the students - that is cool, way cool! and of course, War is just one of my favorite songs, so needless to say, Ben and the ICs do the song credit! So High So Low ABSOLUTELY ROCKED! Oh yes, it rocked, and I think that was the song Ben and Nicky P. did some serious jamming together, and it was good! Burn one down - of course a classic, and good for putting the word out there about the good herb! Power of the Gospel - oh yes, so great to hear that live, and oh so present! I also heard some loud people shouting out a lot during the intro, which just sucked, but it sounded so sweet anyway - of course I had a direct channel into the sound. It was so sweet. Walk away, I don't know if I have ever heard live, and I really loved to be hearing it live. when Its good - sounded good - Blessed to be a witness - and the dude on keys - is just amazing live - the music, the lights, the stage - it is SWEET! Just as I was coming to during that magnificent second encore of Like a King/I'll Rise - oh yes, they got my hand up in the air - the show was over! I could listen to them live forever until I get sick of it!! I did not want that night to ever end! And Ben seemed so much more free on stage - it was really a beautiful sight to see. All the ICs - great musicians - I really think they sound good! So thank YOU Ben and the ICs (Ben said thank you to the audience after just about every song), and thank you very very much! I hope there is a next time soon, very soon!

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Last night at the San Diego show (04/25) two of my friends were taken away by security for having a little herbal remedy just before Ben started to play Burn One Down. Security came out of no where and escorted them away to the same area that the band had to walk through to get to the stage. After Ben finished his first set he and Juan came out and talked to my friends and tried to get them out of trouble. Ben went as far as to give my friends passes and say that they under his care now and for the police to let them go.This did not work but Ben and the rest of the band still spent time with my friends in need in between their encores. This just shows how good this band is to their fans. The only question is: was it worth it?
I would say yes. Thank you Ben and everyone else for helping to make my friends night as enjoyable as it could possibly be under those circumstances.

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After the grueling drive down to SD from LA (almost 4 hours in friday traffic!!) I finally got to the USD campus. Great venue, it was pretty big but not too big and the sound was good considering i couldn't hear the opener, Joseph Arthur very well.

This show was awesome! I was the closest to the stage (10 feet or so) i've ever been since it was GA. Thanks to Alex for hooking me up with a ticket!!
The band was much tighter than the first show and they jammed a lot more.. some good improv. It seemed also that Nicky didn't play on as many songs. Ben was definitely into it last night, he danced around a lot, more than I have ever seen him; he looked really happy and the tour must be going really great so far. Highlights were hearing a killer version of WAR smoothly segued from Two Hands, a haunting Power of the Gospel, Woman in You (slightly different than they used to play it), Blessed with a long drum jam after. He did a little crowd singalong during Steal my Kisses too!

The best part of the show probably was the 2nd encore where they did the coolest version of Like a King and I'll Rise i've ever seen; it was jammed out and then and the end he stood up with a fist in the air and sang I'll Rise with the whole crowd around me joining him with our fists in the air.

Can't wait to see what new covers, jams and songs he pulls out on the next part of the tour!!

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Last night was magical! Not only were we FRONT AND CENTER, got Nicky P. to toss us the setlist, and MET BEN AND JUAN FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, but the show itself was fantastic! Shall Not Walk Alone sounds beautiful all reggaed-out, and the slide was very prominent tonight. Highlights for me were certainly Blessed to be a Witness (which even had a very slight Rastaman Chant tease) and Like a King/I'll Rise. Thanks Ben for taking the time to speak with us and being so genuinely humble and appreciative of our love for you! oh yeah, big thanks to Naisha for being so welcoming and kind to us. Beautiful!