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this was my one and only ben harper concert..i was 16 and had to write a fake note to get out of school because we had to drive two hours from mineola tx to dallas tx. i love the concert..i was in the front row next to the speaker by a kid with the brightest red friend got kicked out when he lit up one when burn one down came on. i remember ben had some tan boots lol...this was and is one of the greatest experiences of my life!

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this is my third time to see Ben and the Innocent Criminals, and he just gets better and better and better,...

i was pleased to see that Ben might be stepping out of his comfort zone by utilizing the traditional guitar playing, and it was nice to see Ben get into it and Dance. The new members really brought alot to the show, i think Ben and the rest of IC did a great job of picking out musicians who could really compliment the live show, not to mention that sweet new album. indeed, the vocals on "When She Believes," "She's Only Happy in the Sun," and "The Woman in You," were definately intoxicating and soul wrenching. I especially appreciated the fact that Ben and the Boys aren't afraid to play smaller venues; they may sacrifice comfort and ticket sales, but they more than make up for it with intimacy and audience participation. Thanks, guys, for another amazing show.

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New album, new IC members, newest addition to my "greatest concerts of all time" list! This show was mind blowing. Talk about Ben putting his heart into this show, such a long set. Then meeting Ben and the whole IC crew for the first time, I was lifting off the fucking ground. Power of the Gospel was deep - moving. Every chance I get to see these guys I will take it. NICKY P. IS THE SHIT!

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Hands down one of the best shows I have had the chance to witness. Truley a spritiual experience for me! I could'nt have asked for a better time. Great set list and the sound was kickin. Meeting Ben after the show was great, he's got such a positive soul. Thank you Ben and please come back soon.

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I have seen him several times and he keeps getting better and better. I got to the theater 3 hours before doors opened to get up front, and I did. It was worth every minute. I would do it again in a second. I met him after the show and he was so grateful for all the support from fans. He gave it his all and I feel blessed to be living in a time when there is such an amazing talented artist and I am able to enjoy his music and performances.

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Great show all around. You can look at the negatives such as the heat and the security, but that does little to obscure the fact that Ben put on an excellent show. From begining to end the set moved you, beat you, and finally lifted you back up. The new material is amazing, Amen Omen and With My Own Two Hands ignited the crowd. Thank you Ben.

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yes it was hot, and yes those security guards were idiots, we were smokin bud the entire time and they were hassling people like four rows in front of us.

but what a performance so, so awesome. Ben seemed so into, it. Nicky P is a great addition to the band and I now love alot of the new songs after seeing live esp. Amen, Omen

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I believe this was an awesome show. There is way to much negative stuff on these reviews. The show was worth all the bad things that happened. Waiting in line, venue being hot is all part of concerts. You have to deal with it. It is not Ben's fault for any of this so why say that on his website. He gave his all and produced an awesome show. I've been to over 250+ concerts and this is in the top 5. Awesome show
Ben. I'm just glad to witness it.

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too much negative energy in these reviews. the show was amazing, hands down. granada was hot, we did wait, and security was lame, but it was all worth it. every concert starts well after the doors time, and i think ben more than made up for his tardiness by playing for 2 and 1/2 hours. at least in my mind. the whole band was sharp, and i feel so fortunate to have been able to see them in such a small venue (w/ great acoustics). The vocals on When She Believes were transcendent, and that song is just so beautiful. The Woman In You absolutely sizzled, and I loved seeing a favorite song play with a harder tempo. Amen Omen, solid. The bass solos were amazing and the african drums as well. The guitars in Ground on Down slashed through my soul and there was an ineffable passion in Ben's voice. Two days later, and I'm still floored.

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ben delivered an awesome performance. this was my first ben concert, and i was not in the least disappointed. although it was hot, and the wait took forever it was worth every second of it. ben put his all into this concert, i am glad to say that i was apart of it all.

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I was more than disappointed in the Dallas show for a few reasons. First of all, I would hope that in the future a venue that is more "patron friendly" would be chosen. I watched more people threatened and forcefully removed from the show than I was able to enjoy the songs that were played. I was so amazed by the harassment and abuse occurring around me that I had no desire to be at the concert for its entire duration. Secondly, I didn't appreciate my wasted time. Doors opened at 7PM and the band didn't appear until nearly 9PM with out an opening act or any warning that we would be waiting for two hours.
Don't get me wrong, I am genuinely a really positive person and I have been a fan for many years (that I even drove 6 hours in less than a day to see this show). I just hope that in the future some research or conversation is had about the treatment of fans and venue selection. I know all the people at the show, were like me and just wanted to enjoy their night, but instead couldn't because of the surrounding environment.

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Absolutely the most amazing show I've ever been to. Ben played 24 songs and we couldn't ask for more. I was left speechless. Thank you Ben.

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This was the most inspiring and beautiful show. Ben and the Innocent Criminals are so absolutly amazing. Watching Ben and knowing just how wonderful of a soul he must be to get to know. His songs and lyrics are filled with so much passion. I became teary eyed watching him. Thank you to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for helping me want to better myself and my life. You have brought soul to Dallas, and I will never forget this show.