05.03.03 Memphis, TN

Beale Street Music Festival with 3 Doors Down, Jack Johnson, Ingram Hill, Gomez, Lucero

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Ben put on an amazing show. I had to squeeze in to get a good place in the crowd but i made it and stayed in the same spot the whole time. Even though I was stuck but i had a killer view of everything. Every now and then we would catch a great breeze from the river and it totally complemented the music being performed. The newest additions to the band filled out the rhythm section quite nicely and bens amplifier tone was especially round and crisp sounding that night.Its amazing that you can still go and see someone perform with that much energy and devotion. If youre a guitar player, especially if you've done nothing BUT play all your life, it's great to see a person who channels his whole spirit into a show. When you play (and all the guitar players can agree with me on this) all of your emotions turn into one big force it takes you somewhere you cannot explain, but when you come back down you feel drained but re-energized. In return to play music or enjoy someone else playing it acts as fuel for a persons soul, and it makes them want to hold on to that feeling forever. I defiinitely plan on seeing ben harper as many times as i can in my lifetime so i can re-fuel and love life.

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Dear Lord! I got to the stage at 1:00 just to see Ben! And oh my God it was worth it to the highest extent. I've been listening to Ben since I was 8, I'm now thirteen and every lawn cut and garage cleaned was so worth it to see you play! That performance changed my life spiritually, mentally, and also as a musician. Ben has inspired me and fueled me in ways he will never understand. Since the concert I have written 14 songs one of which is based on the his magical performance. I hate to ramble on like this but the concert really was a turning point in my life. Well I hope to see you at Bonnaroo. Some day I hope to tour as an opening act for thee Innocent Criminals, but untill then, Ben keep doing what your doing. Keep exploring your musical roots, and keep pickin that guitar.
Brandon Crouch

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OH MY GOD! Ben was the best concert at Memphis in May. I went to see only him..and his concert made my trip worthwhile. I had so much fun!! This concert was the same day as my best friend's birthday..and man it was a hellacious birthday! COME BACK SOON BEN!!!

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this was by far the best birthday present i could have asked for! BEN KICKED ASS!!! come back SOON.. I am so happy that i got to see ben..BEN HARPER IS A GOD!!...he could have walked out onto the stage said hello and sat there for the next 2 hours..i was just thrilled to be seeing him in the flesh.

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An unbelieveable performance,Ben is unbelieveable live and Juan Nelson was amazing as well, the highlight had to be Ben playing the bongos during
"steal my kisses". Please go back next year Ben.

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Amazing show the best one all weekend The drum solo on burn one down was on fire it was totally amazing he went for like 10 min on the bongo

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This was one of the greatest shows of my life. Ben ROCKED Memphis Tennessee.

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I just wanted to let you guys know I am a new fan and your performance in Memphis was outstanding! Your style and rhythms are jammin' man! Hope to see you again soon! Keep up the great music! Peace!