05.04.03 Atlanta, GA

Music Midtown Festival with ZWAN, Jack Johnson, Seether, Something Corporate, Next Level Winner

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This was my first Ben Harper concert, even though I have been a fan since welcome to the cruel world. Ben was just amazing. His albums are great, but his live show is just way more.... electric. He has such a great precense on stage and I love how he adds more to his songs. Burn One Down was great, Marvin Gayes Sexual Healing was great, But when he played Bob Marleys war, that was when I was jumping. Im glad my wife and I got there at noon, because front row ROCKED. Thanks Ben, for such an amazing show of talent, from you and the Innocent Criminals.

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I travelled from Houston to Atlanta (my second time) to go to music midtown and I have to say that Ben Harper was THE BEST show of the entire event!! I was pretty close to the stage and danced the entire time, leaving the show with such a high and only wanting more. I'm seeing Ben again soon in Austin! (aclfest! can't wait!). The reason I love the shows is cause it's all about the music.. nothing flashy, no crazy gimmicks, just REAL GOOD MUSIC that uplifts you, makes you want to dance, AND sends a positive message as well. Thank you for putting it out there!! Many blessings.

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the show was great... ben rocked and his band was so entertaining... they seem like they have so much fun up there and it makes the crowd great more involved... great job guys!!!!

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What an awesome show. My brother and I were the ones yelling sexual healing. Thanx for playin it for us :)
I wish you woulda played gold to me, but I'm comin to see ya in south carolina, so look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I walked into this concert having heard the latest cd a couple times; I walked out Ben Harper's newest fan. This is a group of true musicians playing to a crowd that was as excited to see them as they were to perform. YOU GUYS ROCK!