05.06.03 North Myrtle Beach, SC

House of Blues with Mofro

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This was my seventh BHIC show, and I had mixed feelings. When It's Good was a fantastic way to start a show, but after that, I thought too much of the show was "stand-up" songs. Not that these weren't played well, and definitely different from the other shows I'd seen, but in general I tend to enjoy songs like Ground on Down and Forgiven more.

That said, though, songs like Temporary Remedy and Brown Eyed Blues are just off the charts live, and the encore was better than any other show I've seen in terms of people being quiet. Ben absolutely nailed Another Lonely Day and Walk Away before bringing the band back out.

All in all, a pretty good show, but my qualms about it were due to the songs on the setlist and shouldn't take away from the band, who gave their best as always. BHIC is kind of like pizza to me. Even when they're bad, they're still damn good. They're so appreciative of their fans and have such superior musicianship to most of what's out there, it's hard not to have fun.

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This was the first time I had gotten to see Ben and the IC since the last Myrtle Beach HOB in 2001. I feel that the fans had a little more knowledge and respect(including myself) for the music this time around. The show was a long time comin' for me, and definantly was above any expectations I might have had. I got moved to a 3rd shift position at my job which made it possible to make this show. Afterwards I had to run out the door, drive 2 hours and work till 9 in the morning(kinda a bummer, but gave me time to reflect on the experience). It was great to see Ben up for a change, I had never seen him as active as he was this night. At first it was almost weird seeing him all over the stage and at one point leaning back-to-back with Juan jammming out. It seemed during the show the crowdthis time around) knew when to get loud and when not too. Ben must have felt we weren't loud enough at times, he got us loud by sing into to the mic, holding it out, and having us sing it back. Just shows me that at a Ben H. and the IC show its not all hush hush, just at times. I mean if you feel it and you want to express yourself you should, just not to interupt your neighbors good time. All and all this was a much needed experience for me and will hold me over until the Charleston,SC and Cary,NC weekend. I am also crossing my fingers that Philly-Centerville,VA weekend becomes a reality and I get to go(anyone from the carolina's want to go?). Thanks to Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for coming through the east coast and we'll see you in Charleston.

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I too thought the show at HOB was nothing less than amazing...As a musician and a person, Ben and his bandmates are to be held in the highest regard...and whoever wrote that the crowd at a show doesn't matter is totally right, as far as I was concerned it was me and Ben all night long...I was front and center and rocked out harder than I have in a very long time...I am hitting shows in Chicago, Iowa, Charleston, Cary and Clearwater....what a great way to start a summer excursion.....you cats stay cool, and keep tappin your feet!!!

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The show on tuesday was amazing. I am really glad that I was able to be a part of that. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, in my opinion, are the best band making music today. Juan Nelson is the man, his solo during Brown Eyed Blues was superb. You could tell that at certain points in the show, Harper would almost forget the crowd, because he was so into his music. It was great and I am extremely happy about seeing them again at Bonnaroo. Thanks to the band.

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Wow, that was such a great show Ben and the band put on. I traveled in a storm and it was definately worth it. I had great church pew seats where I had a great view of Ben, and I was very moved. Diddo on Matt's comment, "no, thank you ben" I started screaming that every time he said thank you. Because I'm the one that feels blessed listening to him play. He put a huge smile on my face, yet I always want more songs. The encores were a great treat, the girls next to me missed out by leaving earlier.
As far as some of the guy's comments on the crowd, who really cares, you're there to see Ben, not the crowd. I think the more people that enjoy him, the better. Of course there's people who can grow up a little, but Ben seems to make you forget what's going on around you.
His playing was passionate, the band was very complimentary to him, and I can't wait to see him and Jack Johnson in June in Cary!

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hint: if you eat at the house of blues restaurant you get in the venue early, AND the food is good...the best damn cornbread i ever dun eat. the opener was mofro, and the southern rocked!

thesetlist speaks for itself, but i'm still waiting to hear People Lead live...

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I thought that the show lacking compaired to the other times that I have seen Ben Harper. I also did not like the crowd that was there. There were way too many dumb-ass highschool girls there. It was pretty neat the way that he is standing up a lot more

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After being at the Myrtle Beach show on 02/24/01 I was curious as to how the crowd would be this time around and they were great. Very drunk, yet very respectful. There seemed to be a lot more "core fans" this time instead of 2,000 people there just to hear Steal My Kisses like on the last tour. The band was on fire and seemed to be having a great time vs. last myrtle beach show where they looked like they couldn't wait to leave and understandably so. It was great to see Ben standing nearly the entire show although I do miss hearing the Weissenborn. All in all one of the better BHIC shows I've been to. Thanks guys.

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The concert last night was brilliant. Ben's presence is so strong, and uplifting. He played for a solid two hours with two encores...incredible...I am still speechless. I have only been to one other concert in my life that has rivaled this one and it was a Ben Harper concert. Ben is so appreciative of his fans, telling us thank you after each song, no Ben THANK YOU!! I was truely blessed to be a witness of your show last night!