05.09.03 Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach Amphitheater with Mofro

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One word...Awesome!!!!
We got there during "Burn One Down" and were feeling then entire show. I've been listening to BHIC since 96' but this was my second show. It was worth it. The crowd was incredible and the band was having fun. Ben was all over the stage and dancing while playing the tympanum? drum. Ben wasn't just feeling the crowd, he was emotionally connected.
After coming out for solo encores, the rest of the band came out and played with passion. Thanks guys, it was truly a great show!
BTW- I can't wait to see BHIC and Jack Johnson in Riley Park, WaveFest on june 14th in Charleston, SC.
"burning One Down"

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last night was a magical experience. mofro blew my mind once again. but the real thing started when they left the stage. ben came on and my stomach and legs felt like jell-o for a split second and when i looked into his eyes he made me feel peaceful and happy
like an old friend that i hadnt seen in a while. i was standing right in front of him. FIRST ROW and got the most amazing pictures(i still gota go develop them) Juan nelson kept smiling at me and waving his hand everytime i waved mine. i had my little ben harper relief carving with me at all times and iwould wave it in the air everytime i though ben looked my way. in the beggining he wouldnt look but i didnt care, i was too hapy to get bummed out but after a while he sat down to play his lap guitar and we put the "WE HAVE A PRESENT 4 U SIGN" up in the air and he said "we have aa- present for" really slow trying to read the sign and he said :" i'll take it" he got up smiling and came up to me , bent over and grabbed it from MY HAND .. then he said "you made this? WOW thanks!!" he smiled and grabbed my hand saying thank you again. i could feel his sincerity , i didnt even freak out like alwasy thought i would. it was the most beautiful thing.
i made that psychedelic clay face for him in a sign of gratitude for bringing his art into my life and i thought it would be nice if i could give him a piece of my art so he could know that he is a very important person to look up to. i know he said he is flawed , and im sure he is in man ways jsut like everyone else on earth but he also has a pure soul he is CONCIOUS, and down to earth. i never thought i could get to touch his hand, i really wanted to give him a hug and a kiss on the forehead but thats too much to ask for. maybe one day when he comes back or when i get to follow BHIC on the road one summer.
i wish that ben liked my art and would like me to make BHIC stuff to sell it on his web site. after all i've made vases,ashtrays,faces and incense holders out of clay that say ben harper or have ben harper quotes, heh. its jsut a dream i have.LET ME BE.
i should have put my email address or phone number on the clay slab so who knows maybe one day he'd be intersted ... anything could happen.
oh well.

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Excellent show last night. It was my second BHIC show, the first being in Orlando in 2001. Wasn't sure about there being a second guitarist on stage with Ben, but the band sounded great. First time going to the Pompano Beach Ampitheatre, and couldn't ask for a better introduction. Clear night under the stars and Ben and the ICs giving off the most positive vibrations. Ben rarely comes down to South Florida, though he seemed to dig the alomst sold out crowd, so we hope he somes down more often.