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What is there to say about this concert that someone hasnt said already. Like how awsome or amazing it was or mabey how personal Ben was with the audience. The show was amazing and I really cant wait till he comes back again. Because of how awsome this concert was I might make a road trip to South Carolina to see him with Jack Johnson. THe double encore was amazing. All praise to Jah.

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Definitely the best concert I've ever been to in my life. Seeing Ben was like an atheist seeing Jesus. I felt a tingle throughout my body for most of the show. He is an awesome life performer and really got the audience into it. I can't wait until he comes back. Ben Harper has definitely changed my outlook on life forever.

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Just started listening to ben. Never really new about him till a friend made me go to the show in orlando. All I can say is... F@#$ing unbelievable!!
Never went to a show that I got into so much like this one. Ill never foget the show or the music he played. Thanks to my friend and ben im a new man!!!

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Five years of waiting to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals and every moment until then was definitely worth more than this trite weight in words.

The ticket stubs should have came with a warning in regards to the intensity of how much passion would be thrown your way through the set. I made extra room in my pockets so I could (proverbially) take it home, bottle it and store it for the time when I ever need a dose of something extraordinarily real and inspiring. Thank you Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for the fantastic show experience.
Lady luck was on my side because I was fortunate enough to receive an aftershow pass (after the thorough inspection of a certain piece of merchandise) to meet the Mr Harper. I was hesitant to finally face an invisible comerade, but it was an excellent ending to an already astounding evening. To the band and crew, travel safe and hope to see you all again soon!

all my best,

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Unfortunately, my best friend and I were kicked out of House of Blues before the show started. A guy bought us drinks, and because we didnt have wristbands, we got thrown out. Sad, sad. Ben is definitely my favorite musician and I am deeply saddened that I did not get to see him play even one song. It makes me feel better though to see all the positive reviews of the show. Hopefully I will get to see another Ben show sometime soon...Big ups to Ben's new rasta vibe on the new album, its great. Thanks for making amazing music, even if I did not get to hear it live. In peace, Danielle DeCola

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BHIC were great as always. We really liked how Ben talked more and really interacted with the audience. After seeing BHIC on Wednesday night in Jacksonville, my wife and I really looked forward to the show. We were very happy with BHIC, but very frustrated with a small percentage of the fans at the venue. Eventhough they were a small number it was enough to make me and my wife not enjoy the show as much. A big thing BHIC is respect. My wife and I did not pay $27.00 to listen to someone's conversation throughout the whole show. If you want to talk for 2 and a half hours go somewhere else. True fans of BHIC are at the concert to listen to the music and not to other people's conversations. It is very rude and disrespectful to BHIC as well as his true fans. So if you are going to go to a show to run your mouth stay at home because you will ruin the show for the people in the vicinity of your topic of conversation which was last night how hot Ben is or a guy behind us trying to pick up a girl for the whole show. All of this, which I know is life changing topics can really wait till the end of the show. All true BHIC fans ask is to show respect for BHIC.

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ben harper & the innocent criminal's....5/11/03. well its 1:30 am and i just got back from the show.....and let me tell yah mannn it was great! They opened up with excuse me mr.....they all had the reggae vibe goin so that was wicked nice......two encores....speeches between songs, good music good tymes......thanks for the great show....lata Dhm

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ben harper is my religion. hey by far the best ive seen ben live. i gotta admit i was worried about the new band but the organ intro to the woman in you and the guitar solos were definitely a nice touch. the reggae version of shall not walk alone almost made me cry it was so good. he seemed in a great mood...maybe cuz the lakers made me happy anyways. and that was by far the best version of another lonely day ive ever heard from any bootleg or anywhere. if it wasnt for the dirtholes yellin every instrumental break ithink that was the single most musically emotional moment of my life. wow, that sounded cheesy as fu-... but its true. good show.