05.22.03 Berlin, Germany

Universal Hall

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I'm so impressed by the performance of this extraordinary artist and songwriter and I just want to say thanks for this great session in Berlin and see you soon in Munich in October...

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Fantastic show which certainly will be rated in the higher echelons in the list of Ben shows I have had the pleasure to attend. This is my third in a smaller venue and have to say that the music, the message and the vibrations reviberate stronger in a this more intimate atmosphere. We'll be seeing you in Salt Lake City in Aug and back in Nice/Paris in November.

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WOW! ok, that was my 3rd ben concert, and i think the best. having it in a 1200 capacity hall is great. i've never seen ben playing standing up, but it was good. i'm really happy he did it too because this giant guy was in front of me and when he sat and played, i couldn't see ben at all. juan was great, he's the cutest. of course leon supplied the perfect energy, and there was this back up guitarist that add a good touch. when they would jam it blew the whole crowd away. hopefully the show in oregon can match it! see you in the summer ben!

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Hi everyone,

I just got back from the show here in Berlin. What should I say - it was just amazing, especially because of the really small venue. I think it was just the second show that Ben Harper ever played in Berlin. It's sad that such an outstanding artist is not really popular in Germany. Anyway, the show was awesome and the band seemed to enjoy themselves on stage. Almost every song was extended to a little jam session. The encores like "waiting on a angel" and "walk away" with just Ben and the acoustic guitar were my personal highlights, since i play acoustic guitar myself. They played a lot from the new album, which was nice because some of the harder songs like "temporary remedy" or "so high so low" do really gain intensity in a live setting."blessed to be a wittness" was a truely soulful moment played live with a lot of different percussion instruments. Certainly one of the best performances i have seen so far. Ben's music is so rare these day, so precious, real and emotional. I hope that they will be around for a long time creating more exciting music and hopefully coming back to Germany or even Berlin soon.