06.06.03 Chicago, IL

UIC Pavilion with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

I Was There
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"Temporary Remedy" was not on the original setlist. "She's Only Happy In The Sun" and "Like A King/I'll Rise" were on the setlist for the second encore, but were cut due to an 11:00pm curfew.

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I was the guy in Steve's review who drew the picture of Ben Harper. I just wanted to say that this concert was the best performance of any kind I have ever seen. I liked it so much that I went to another show in Columbia and am going with Steve to Noblesville Indiana. To see so many guys with such incredible talent and a genuine love for what they do is truly amazing. Not many artists continually thank their audience during a show or would remember a fan after the show. I am writing this review almost a week later, but I can't stop thinking about the performance.

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Friday night had to be one of the greatest nights of my life. I drove from Dayton Ohio and I met my friends from St. Louis Friday morning. My buddies and I arrived at the Pavilion at 3:00. After waiting for 2 hours the doors open and it was a mad dash to get to the front. We split up and two of us were on the railing and the other two were in the second row of people. I wasn't really feeling Kid Koala much but I guess he was alright. Around 7:10 Jack came out by himself and he sang a few songs. Then the rest of his band came out and performed. He was amazing as he sang while a beach ball was flying around. Total he played 23 songs and I loved every one of them especially my favorite Rodeo Clowns. Then they left the stage and immediately the crew began to get ready for Ben. The laid out his rug and set out all of the equipment and it seemed that finally the moment of anticipation was near. When Ben and Company came out they seemed so alive and so pumped up. I was blown away by the whole show and am still blown away. It was just completely amazing. Everyone on stage has such a love and appreciation for what they do and you can tell that they were having fun. I am a huge Dave Matthews fan and have been to many concerts but this concert beats anything that I have ever seen. The show only got better though after it ended and we collected both set lists. After the show we met and got Jack's autograph. He talked to us and hung out by his tour bus for a while. Then it was off to find Ben. One of my buddies is a huge fan and he really wanted Ben to sign this picture he drew. After waiting for a long time we were heading back to our car when Ben came out of the tunnel. My highlight was when he sought me out and thanked me for coming to the show. To think that he was actually thanking me. I was the one who needed to thank him. I tried to switch jerseys with him but he declined and told me to keep mine. After talking for a bit, we went our separate ways and the great night had finally came to an end. I was left feeling like a saw two great shows and I had so much fun that I am hoping to go to the show in Noblesville, IN. All-in-all it was an unbelievable show.

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The show at UIC on Friday night was so amazing. They played a great variety of songs and one of my favorties was when they busted into Bob Marley's War while playing With My Own Two Hands. Both Leon and Juan were really on and having the keyboards really adds to their sound. Ben and the rest of the guys are really amazing musicians and souls. We are so lucky to have them in our world. We are even more lucky that we were able to share that night with them. I'm looking forward to seeing them again at Bonnaroo and every other chance I get. Thank you Ben- we love you!!

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Ben and the Innocent Criminals. What a fuckin show. I couldnt breathe the hole time. I will never expierence anything so incredible in my life. Thank you. I shoudlve died Friday night. No words could explain how hard you guys rocked. Thank you so much I will never be the same.

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this was the best show i've seen ben ever do. It was a fantastic display of hard jamming tunes and slow music at the end. i was totally amazed by every single song and the hard jams rocked. thanks for a terrific show.

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Two Hands segued into Bob Marley's War.That was aawesome guys! You must do that at Reggae On The River. God Bless you on the rest of the tour.
P.S. to Juan, you are the man!

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i have been waiting many years to see ben live. i finally got that opportunity last night, and it was amazing. such an explosive entrance with excuse me mr. and ground on down. the "war" tease was very nice. and it was super great to hear his voice on the acoustic sets. the second encore was a very special treat. thank you very much ben & the innocent criminals. keep up the great work and i hope to see you guys very very very soon!

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Ben Ben Ben......What a wonderful show!! I traveled a thousand miles for this show, and I would do it a million times again. I find it utterly amazing that Bens voice and presence was so strong, that he was able to get 10,000 people to be completely and totally silent during the encore....some of our worlds leaders don't have that ability....I am seeing them again in Charleston, SC next weekend...hope to see some of you hardcore fans there as well.....................Once again Ben let us feel his heart...Juan let us feel his love, Leon let us see that wonderful smile of his...and this combination moves people...I brought my cousin who never saw these guys before, and he genuinely thanked me the whole way home......I in turn, thank you Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, for providing the soundtrack for my life, and I commend you for doing such a fuckin excellent job!!!! Keep rocking....Not fire nor not ice can keep me from loving you

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Thank you Ben and Criminals. I have been waiting three years for this moment. The music made me cry. Perfect energy level. I tried to toss some krispy kremes but I'm weak. Come to DePaul guys. You rocked our souls. Stay true.

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It was a TIGHT show. I saw Ben Harper solo last year at alpine, but this just blew me away. He rocks the stage with the full band and is a true performer. Highlights for me were ground on down, the woman in you, welcome to the cruel world, blessed to be a witness and amen omen in what was the second encore. Ben, you are definitely the man.