06.07.03 Ames, IA

Hilton Coliseum with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

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"She's Only Happy In The Sun" was on the setlist as the first song of the second encore, but was not played. Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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It's almost a year since this concert. My wife was more of a Jack Johnson fan before the show...now I think she still enjoys both but the 'live' of Ben Harper really made her say WOW. This guy is good, and I can never find my Ben CD's for some odd known reason (I usually find them in her car). This show was amazing. It was my first time seeing Ben and I was very impressed. I wish this summer he wasn't in Europe and was in the USofA. I own his live DVD's but it still doesn't capture the vibe like seeing him live. By the way I drove 3 hours to see this concert and I'm beyond college years but not quite 30-I just enjoy good, true musician-ship.

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I can't describe how cool it was to see Ben and Jack in concert for the first time! It was amazing! Being part of the audience and feeling the energy of the performance was riviting. I cant wait for another concert to come somewhere close. Thanks Ben for making awesome music. Your sound is so powerful! Ben is God!!!

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This concert was absolutley rediculous, I had the time of my life and then some. The concert was amazing I walked out of the Coliseum in absolute awe of Ben's musical talent and his passion for his music. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals blew my mind. Thats all I gotta say, WOW.

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This was an amazing show. It just goes to show that Ben Harper live is an amazing,emotional, spiritual, and intense experience. "Like A King" was so powerful! Also I have to give Juan some credit for his amazing bass solos.(Especially on, "Brown Eyed Blues.") Ben is such a performer, he worked with the crowd so much and he did it so well. The setlist was perfect, and I was both suprised and impressed. It was a very great show!

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AWESOME SHOW and can't wait to see you at the red rocks....Oh yeah, and also, just wanting to let people know, I was actually caught off of the stage and it didn't hurt, haha! I only jumped like that b/c there was no other way of getting off of the stage..oops! But my friends did give me shit b/c they also thought I bit it. Hey, but I had a hell of a time up there on stage, but probably looked like a dumbass so sorry if you had to see me like that..laters!

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I thought this show would have been better at CY Stephens, which is a smaller venue. Especially for Jack. Before the show, I wasn't familiar with Jack's work, and failed to realize his material was so laid back. I don't think I'll be seeing him live again, with all due respect. I'll just pop his album in my CD player, and have a few beers with buddies.

BHIC were very hip. First time I had seen them live. Much energy and panache. My favorites cuts were "Blessed To Be A Witness", "Excuse Me Mister", and "Steal My Kisses".

I hope that girl doesn't need a nose job after taking a swan dive off of the stage! But that's awesome that she got on stage with them - what a memory.

Stay Beautiful...

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The show was awesome. I've never been to anything like it. I never really heard much of Ben's music until last night and I can now say that I'm a big fan. I hope the girl who biffed it off the stage was alright because it looked ugly from where I was at. Anyways, keep up the great work Ben. You rock!

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The concert in Ames, Iowa was my first concert ever!!! Watching Ben Harper just sing out on the stage and just have fun doing the thing he loves was amazing. I loved it when everybody started taking out their lighters and shining them. It was just amazing when he sang Burn One Down and Sexual Healing- all of the songs he sang were unbelievable. I really like Blessed to be a Witness also. It was just a wonderful atmosphere and it was cool to be around people who love Harpers music just as much as I do. It was just crazy when that girl tried body surfing off the stage. It was cool but I hope she's okay!!!! If I get the chance to go to another concert with him I will take it in a heart beat. THe only thing I regret is not sneaking my camera in!! So if anyone did take any pictures please post them!!! Thanks so much.

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WoW! is the only word I can use to describe the Ben Harper And Jack Johnson Concert. That was the first Ben Harper concert and that was the Best Concert I've Ever Been To. When Ben Played "Forever" I freaked out! But not only his slow songs were great, but the FUNK was awesome too! But Nothing beat "Burn One Down" Its Funny because, The Guys sitting right next to me got busted for smokin the "Ganja" two songs before that. SO im glad you rocked that song so hard for the guy who missed it! I loved it when Leon Was Freakin with that lady who jumped up on stage! That was Awesome! Thanks For A Great Show Ben!

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I had a wonderful spot for the show, about four rows back directly in front of Ben, it was amazing. He started out with Excuse Me Mr., which I was expecting. It definitely had a reggae feel which blew me away. I was somewhat apprehensive about see Ben stand rather than sit, but I was instantly sold on his new performance style. This was my third show, and I think it was probably the most energy I've felt from him, and I've felt a lot in the past! Perhaps it was how close I was standing, but I think it was due to Ben standing. It allows him to get into it so much more, he runs all over the stage, jamming out with Juan and Oliver. I was extremely impressed. After the first song, I honestly think the crowd applauded and cheered for five minutes. Just when it seemed things were dieing down, Ben would give his patented, "Thank you, Thank you sooo much" and the crowd would just erupt again for another minute a so. He'd say thanks again and the crowd would just go nuts again. It was by far the most receptive crowd I've seen, however, it got to be too much later in the show. For the third song, Temporary Remedy (I think, don't remember for sure) he finally sat down. As he sat and played the slide, I was so close I could see the sweat pour off his forehead into his eyes, and then drip off his eyelids onto his cheeks and pour off his face. It was the most intense thing I have ever seen. I'm getting goosebumps just remembering it. He played Forever, ahhhh it was so gorgeous. When he played Sexual Healing the crowd, atleast from my position, was so loud, I couldn't even hear Ben. It was somewhat annoying because it felt like Ben was trying to drag the tempo and do fills, but the crowd was overbearing. I'm interested in other's perspectives if this was felt throughout the entire venue, or just where I was standing. Needless to say, I always love when Ben sings Sexual Healing. I felt sorry for Nicky P who had to stand there and play a shaker or someother percussion instrument for the entire song, which I think was the longest rendition of Sexual Healing I've heard Ben do. My memory starts to fade as to the order of songs after this, however on Steal My Kisses some girl rushed the stage and tried to dance with Leon who was up front. One of the stage hands tried to pull her off, but Ben motioned to let her stay. Juan came over and started to dancing with her, it looked like he was trying to grind on her. Leon then got up and also started to dance with her. It was crazy. Then the girl decides to stage dive and as she jumps off the stage the people drop her. Don't worry, I think she was okay.

It seemed like a lot of the songs were extended more than usual. When we got to the acoustic set it felt like the crowd was really loud, so loud in fact, I can't remember the first song because I couldn't hear half of it. I think it was Waiting on an Angel followed by Walk Away. Then Jack came out and played they played "High Tide, Low Tide" which was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, there were three drunk girls behind my friends and I attempting to start a fight with us because we would not let them push infront of us and because I asked politely to be quiet so the rest of us could enjoy. Needless to say, I only really caught the very end. Then the rest of the guys came out and did Blessed to be a Witness which was amazing. By the end, I had tears streaming from my face. He closed with Like a King/I'll Rise. For I'll Rise, he set down his guitar, raised the mic and stood with one fist straight up and sang. If any of you have the giant fist poster, it looks exactly like that, but from the front. It was so incredibly intense.

Overall, I would say the energy I felt was the highest of the other shows I've attended, both of the crowd and of Ben and the guys. It was probably the most entertaining as well, however, I don't know if I would say it was my favorite show, simply because I felt like the setlist for the 2001 LaCrosse show I attended was amazing. I also felt like the crowd was a bit overzealous at times, especially on Burn One Down when it felt like it was a competition to yell the loudest rather than sing-a-long. It was still a phenomenal show. Ben never fails to amaze me with his brilliance and talent. If anyone has anxiety about the new style and added members, don't worry, it will still be just as enjoyable when you are at the concert.

A few words on the Jack show... Jack only played one set, no encores. I was surprised, because I thought both Ben and Jack were doing full sets. I'm not sure if this was due to the fact that he started half an hour late, or if this is the way it will be the rest of the tour. It will be interesting to see what happens. Jack gave a nice shout out to Eli, whooooo!

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I thought the concert was one of the best concerts I have been to!!! I really enjoyed when they played "Steal My Kisses"

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Top 5 show in my book... Great double headliner show... Jack got the crowd goin and then Ben blew the roof off the Hilton. Truly a high was the intense and flawless djembe solo! Ben had great energy through the whole show. But did anyone see the chick on stage face plant the ground during her stage dive? Crazy! Hats off to the concert of the year for me!

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Man, what a show. The way Ben started out with the funk really kicked off the show with a bang. Yeah, and when Leon went off on the congo drum solo for Burn One Down, it was so awesome I had to burn two down. But, all in all, I liked it when Ben did "War" by Bob Marley. Oh, and not to be a big dick and leave Jack out, but I thought he did awesome, especially when he came out for the encore.

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Oh man just got back from the Ben Harper concert and Jack Johnson and I'm left in awe. This concert was unbeliveable. It was incredible all of the songs Ben sang. All the songs I was hoping for were played except Give a man a Home, but I expected that. I was glad Forever, Like a King, and Walk Away were played. Wehn Walk Away came on it was an awesome feeling. I wish I could've gotten closer to the stage that would have been sweet. But what more can I ask for when Ben pours it out like that incredible. I'll Rise was awesome and very intense. My favorite part had to be Burn one Down when Leon Mobley went off on the congos and had that huge solo and he was jumping up and down or when Ben was leaning agaisnt Juan Nelson, but I don't recall the song. Anyways this is getting long the only complaint I had is that I forgot to get my camera out of my car, I could've gotten some really good pictures I hope some are posted.