06.10.03 Kansas City, MO

Starlight Theatre with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

I Was There
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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Starlight Theatre - Kansas City, MO

Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide". Listen to an interview with Ben recorded prior to the show at KTBG FM - 90.9 The Bridge.

Who Went

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I am not one to be totally moved at a show....but this one did it....I found myself looking around and noticing many people crying during the amazing set. it may have been the mixture of the rain and the heavy emotion that was being trasmitted from the stage, but i too found myself getting misty eyed thinking of the the year past and the many losses that had occured. this was my first show and i promise that it will not be my last. thanks again, and don't forget Kansas on your travels....and maybe even you can find it in your touring schedule to stop in Lawrence....who knows maybe Wakarusa festival in 2005.

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what a show!! this was my first bhic show, and it was well worth the wait. the crowd was live and loving. the band was outstanding. the entire vibe was so beautiful i couldn't begin to explain to anyone who wasn't there. i've been to many many shows, and this one will stick with me for a long time. i was truly blessed to be a witness. thanks guys.

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The show was the best i've ever been to and i've been to a lot of shows. I met some of the coolest people in my life that night at the after show. Juan, juan's cousin, Ben himself, And leon they are the most down to earth musicians you could ever be with. It was an honor to meet some of the greatest musicians of our era.

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INCREDIBLE!!! The music was absolutely unbelievable. Ben is truly an artist, with an agenda that is rare these days. High tide low tide, with jack was incredible, and so was blessed to be a witness. The whole set was excellent. Thank you for the wonderful evening, and keep pushing for a revolution.

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concert was awesome!! The drive from Oklahoma was well worth it, although it rained the first half the show went on. The encore was great. Another Lonely Day kicked ass and of course Burn One Down got everyone singing. i give it 3 thumbs UP!! Ben's say on weed sunk in.

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Bad ass show, acoustic songs were among my faves tonight including forever, another lonely day, and walk away. So High So Low was fuckin righteous. I also got some wisdom about smoking weed from ben, gotta love that shit. Anyways i give it a 12 on a scale of 10. Lovelly evening.

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4th Ben show for me - it was amazing. Ben and the IC had so much energy, Ben fell over 'cause he had so much! Best Like A King>>I'll Rise I've ever heard, moving. Hide Tide was the shit, as was Jack's entire set. They are really doing a good job of laying down the new album, plus juicing up the old. Shout out to my boy NICKY P!
Leon and Juan love the crowd and love them right back. The 5 hour drive from Oklahoma was well worth it.

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The show was unreal. I'll Rise was the highlight for me...but High Tide, Low Tide was a close second. Thanks for being real and for playing an insane show. BH and the IC never stop amazing me. Thank you.