06.11.03 Columbia, MO

Amphitheater at Mizzou with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Amphitheater at Mizzou - Columbia, MO

Encore 1

Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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Fantastic show. I was late and thus stuck near the top with a lot of your typical drunk college kids, but I didnt think it was that bad. Watching them try to navigate the slippery hill up and down for more beers was worth the price of admission. First Ben show for me and I cant wait to see him at the Pageant almost 4 years to the date of this show.

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I saw this concert with my daughters and it was truly the best concert I have ever seen! Ben Harper puts on a phenomenal show. I was lucky enough to ride in the elevator with him in San Francisco at the Hotel Palomar in October 2004. It was an experience I will never forget!

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Ben was awesome!

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my favorite show at of the three I saw this year. Amazing energy, Leon was on fire. Crowd wasn't a factor because I was up front, everyone up front was smoking the herb and having a wonderful time

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Ben and the boys were amazing! But the crowd and venue sucked. I wish I could say otherwise, but my experience was not what it could have been had the event been held elsewhere.

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One of the best concerts I've been to ever... apparently alot of the people thought it was a frat party, but I was in front of most of them so I didn't have to put up with it... Jack got us all in the mood with his sets.. the newer Innocent Criminals were all great in bringing the experience together... and Ben destroyed me with his electric sets and brought it all together with the highly emotionals encore including I'll Rise.. Leon Mobley, as always, brought a smile to my face with his great smile, awesome sound, and happy aura...All together a great concert experience!!

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It was my first ben harper concert too.
I thought the crowd was bad as an ozzfest crowd. Rude and obnoxious. besides that. Jack Johnson kicked ass and so did Ben. I love how he could be just as good alone as well as with the band.

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Wow!..... Words can't explain how good Ben and the boys were. This was my first Ben concert and i was blown away. They can really turn it on an jam with the best of them. I just wish i could travel around and see more shows. Keep up the good work guys and put out another live cd. That stuff is Incredible.

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First I would like to say that this was probably the 2nd best concert I've ever seen. Second only to Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals show in Chicago on June 6. My only complaint is that those two shows, plus all of the shows I haven't been to on this tour, basically have the same set list. BHIC has five great albums that all have great songs and I would like to hear a little more variation.

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I am thinking about the setlist last night and i missed a lot of the old songs. Wish they would have tossed in some more of the obscure songs i love. Also wish I would have tossed back more of those MIZZOU beers. Was that stuff pee-water or what!

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yeah, i guess your right matt...i shouldn't let the crowd ruin the experieince...i just don't like people either...its just that i saw ben like 2 years ago at that BLue Light club in columbia when his first album came out, the one with steal my kisses, and the crowd was more into it...i was just hoping for that again...you got a cool last name too, maybe we are related...its totally cool cuz we shre it with ben too

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Harper rocked but who were all the LB's in the crowd that wouldn't allow a nice white drunken slob from the city enjoy some great music. I came to hear a musical genius and ended up listen to the utterly disturbing chatter of college students who had no idea who was on stage. I can only hope Ben made a nice profit from the concert.

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I thought the crowd was alright. If you like people, which I don't. I think my money was well spent listening to a handful of great rock acts but the MU amphitheater needs some tweaking as it was a potential disaster of a show. If it had been any wetter we would havew all slid down the hill and ended up in a pile on the stage. Rock!

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BHIC were wonderful...however, the crowd and the venue both sucked...why can't some people shut the F up and not treat it like a social event and listen to the show

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Wow. What an amazing concert. Juan Nelson is a friggin' STUD. Jack Johnson laid it down early and is the PERFECT set up man for Ben Harper. Ben played his ass off, giving the Columbia, MO audience more than they bargained for! He played encore after encore. What a night!

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I would have to say this was a very tight concert. Ben can rock the house like no other --Rodney King! And lets not forget about the Innocent Criminals--"jam'n". And Jack Johnson was great like always. Peace and Thanx