06.13.03 Manchester, TN

Bonnaroo Music Festival with Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Bonnaroo Music Festival - Manchester, TN

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3-day music and camping fest. on a 600-acre farm. Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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let me say.....I have been following Ben since '95, sadly enough I know that it may be nearly 10 years now, but what a ten years it has been. To see him and Jack Johnson together in the first place was a treat....but out of the 23 times that I have "seen" Ben, it was phenomenol., full of energy, heat, and more charisma that my italian grandmother had ever prayed for me to find....

The energy, through the heat no less, was catching and viral. The emotion of the duo and Ben, himself was eventful, extreme, and orgasmic...yes, orgasmic, for me know less....
thanks Ben, once more for reminding me of all of the past ten years that I never wanted to remember and never prayed more to never forget....

Never has a singer and songwriter felt more of my lows and taught me to express my highs....

You will l;ways look and feel like gold to me.....

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I only saw the first half of the show because my Jenny fainted and I had to get her help. But from what I saw, BHIC came out on stage and rocked it!! Ben had a raw energy that I've never seen from anyone in a live performence. He looks like a fish in water, a natural! Nothing can even come close to compairision with BHIC performance. I love you guy's thank you for showing me one of the best times of my life!! The sound goes straight to my soul. Not only is it perfect to vibe to in so many ways but the music sends out a positive message and promotes peace, love, and unity. It's good music, Ben music.

I can't wait to experience that again. If I had the money I would follow BHIC around tour always, that would be the life!

Ben if your reading this, please make my dreams come true and play a full day of music, playing every song you've ever written and do some covers of your greatest influiences!!!!!!!!!!! I'D PAY ANY PRICE!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ben's show was among the best of all the Bonnaroo shows, and one of the greatest performances I have ever seen.

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Ben's performance was incredible to say the least. The passion with which he plays stands out on the stage and brightens and strengthens the faces of all who witness. I also saw him last year at Bonnaroo and it was just the same, although the entire band did not attend. I had the great privilege of meeting him and shaking his hand last year after the show and giving him a home-made 'Bonnaroo' bracelet. Furthermore, the soulful music that Ben brings to every genre still rings in the ears of all his fans around the world. BEN HARPER ROCKS!

Oh, and Ben, if you read this:
( Terribly sorry about my mom after the show when she tried to get your autograph, she gets a little crazy. I mean, you ARE one of her favorites ;) )

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This was my second time to see Ben in concert!! He was the main reason I went to Bonnaroo. I, too, would have paid $150 just to see him. I was almost standing on front row!! Ben played 30 min after Jack Johnson (who by the way is totally awesome!) I took the opportunity to move closer to stage when most of the people started clearing out for another beer after Jack finished his set and was able to make it WAY down front!! I just waited there 30 minutes or so until Ben & Innocent Criminals were on stage. He looked so damn good in his white t-shirt showing off his tattoo's!! I was lusting the whole time!! I had lost my sister in the crowd somewhere before Jack Johson but did not feel alone at all. It felt like Ben had come there to play & sing for me!! The feeling is just amazing. And being in the midst of my fellow Harper fans always feels like family!! If you have never seen Ben in concert you have to go!! I can't wait to see him again & again! I will go every chance I get. I just can't get enough of Ben!! I love you!! Damn, Laura Dern is so freakin lucky!!

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From the FRONT ROW:) things were awesome....Looking back and seeing fifty or sixty thousand people behind you all with their fists in the air and chanting along with I'll Rise was mindblowing:) For me it was the definite highlight of the show. Burn one down was awesome (of course) and I was really digging Juan's solo:) The band's energy was just contagious...from Leon running around to Ben's dancing around on stage...I'm sitting here five days later still left in awe at it:)

Lindsay is STILL annoyed with the idiot who announced Ben Harper and the original criminals...:)

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This was my first Ben show after years of being a fan, and let me tell you it was everything I expected and more. The entire festival was awesome, but Ben was by far the greatest performence of the entire three days! His energy was so amazing. He is the greatest live performer on earth, I cannot wait till I see him in detroit next week. The crowd was totally digging Ben, and I would have paid the $150 to see just him. It was hot as hell and I was drinking warm vodka with coke, and I was absolutely miserable, but as soon as ben came on I forgot about everything else, it was captivating. Highlights: Ground on down ROCKED!!!, burn one down, Amen Omen( a personal favorite of mine, it is a very emotional song for me as I associate it with my cousins suicide in febuary, but it always gives me hope), high tide low tide, I'll rise, and he gave me a whole knew appreciation for bring the funk. All together, it was a flawless performance. I would have liked to see a little more accustic ballads like another lonely day, waiting on an angel, give a man a home.... and I am dying to hear him to please bleed again...... peace to all ben fans and bonnarroo goers, I am so worn out from that weekend, very little sleep and lots of drugs lol, but it was an experience I will never forget and Ben was the highlight of the entire time

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Ben showed up with energy I have never seen in my 35 shows. Like an atom, he was drawn to play his guitar as close as he could to the other musicians. He was constantly on top of Oliver and Leon's kits when he wasn't leaning against Juan, jumping around or laying his head on top of the keyboards. There were definately 60.000 people with their fists raised for I'll rise, and everyone burning during Burn One Down. I can't believe how many fans he has now since '96.
Ben seemed on the verge of emotional breakdown at the end of War(my personal fave) and I'll Rise. He was giving his all and I think everyone showed their apreciation. One note: For all setlist checkers, I doubt Ben played "Bye and Bye I'm going to See the King" a few shows back. He just said that verse before going into I'll Rise at this show.
Here is the setlist: (first part may be out of order) Excuse me Mr., Brown Eyed Blues, Ground On Down, Diamonds on the Inside, Temperary Remedy, Sexual Healing, Woman In You, SMK, Burn One Down, So High, So Low, W/ My Own Two Hands/War E1: When It's Good, High Tide, Low Tide E2: Amen Omen, Like A King/ I'll Rise
In case Ben ever reads these things, I have one thing to say. Bring the Funk/Thankful, Thoughtful was amazing at the Bowery. Brother, this song got shelved too quick. Maybe it just hurt to play the keyboards after playing guitar all night. You rock Ben.
And since Ben and Robert Randolph have already collaborated w/ the Blind Boys, I'm sure it is OK to say a few words about Robert. He played "God Bless America" after about 8 of his fast-paced dancing crazy songs and it was like a Hendrix "Star Spangled Banner" moment. Everybody stopped dancing crazy and was blown away for 2 1/2 minutes. It was a religious experience. He knows how to put on a show. He had girls dancing on stage singing in the mic, and then later passed the mic around the front of the crowd to let them sing part of the chorus. He also had his teacher come out and play slide with him and the two slide guitars were off the hook, especially during their first song and Purple Haze. I never seen or heard anything like his 1 and 1/2 hour set. I got to see the Wailers before Robert and the Allman Brothers after. It was a great day.

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the absolute best/most impressive soulful show of Bonnaroo. Amazing

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all i can say, is that it was