06.14.03 Charleston, SC

Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park with Kid Koala, Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park - Charleston, SC

Encore 1

"So High So Low" was on the original setlist before "Amen Omen" and "Excuse Me Mr." before "King/Rise" - both songs were cut. Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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This was one of the greatest shows I have seen. Ben Harper rocked my ass off, and gave me mother freakin goose pimples. When he broke out with 'Sexual Healing' and then 'Steal my kisses,' I thought I was going to have a shit fit. Anyway, Jack relaxed me and made me go nuts. When he played some Sublime covers, and then a Taj Mahal cover, I couldn't wait for more. Then, to top it all off, he played my fav. song 'Taylor' Could this not get any better. Oh hell yeah - Ben and Jack together. Marley Cover. Acoustic. You get the picture. Nothing but beautiful sweet melodic music. Ben, Jack, I love you guys.

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ben & IC were great and the bass solo was AMAZING. i think the IC bassist is named Juan or sumthin but i have never heard sounds like that from a bass, better yet anything, before. Jack was great and dj kid koala was OK at best but, jason mraz and maroon 5 were incredible!! i had never heard of them before the show but they both became two of my favorite artists. peace out yall and some1 PLZ find some kind of audio or video from that show

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ben and jack, chucktown! i feel you guys every time you take the stage, thanks for every time. no words, for real.

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Wow! The show at Riley field has made my summer. Both Jack and Ben were incredible. A combination of the beach, several close friends, and these two artists made for a very special night! I loved hearing them perform and dancing with everyone and just having an all around great time. My night was complete when Jack and Ben came out together at the end. Absolutely marvelous.

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Thank you for the night. and yes, this was a another hot summer night in "chucktown". Thing that seperates the night from most others here is that alot of very great people were gathered there to see a great night of music. i was a little ill so i only saw Jack, Ben and the IC's performances. put into one word it i would have to say Amazing. Jack's set was filled with the mellow tunes and plenty of crowd response(and beach balls). When Ben and the IC came on i was within in a arms length of the front railing. I have to say the heat, the elbow room(or lack of) was worth it. i believe my eyes and ears only left the stage once and that was to bum sum gum. waiting on an angel, walk away, like a king are a few of songs that will forever remain highlights of the night to me, and of course i'll rise. If this show were a cake, the "high tide low tide" encore with Jack would have to be the icing on it. this night of music will fill my hunger, until the next time they come within my reach. i'm gonna once again thank Ben and the Innocent Criminals for coming through the Carolina's. Hope it won't be long till you come back through, and please do bring Jack back with you. It's a perfect mix. and that was some of the best gum i ever had in my life. peace, DKJ

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Hey all! It was a great show as usual Ben Harper was awesome. Jack put on a great show too. If anyone finds a recording of this please e-mail me and let me know. I get to see them one more time next Sat. in VA!!!

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Brandon...you are right...how could I not mention it...8 hours of drinking warm beer has that effect.... I enjoyed Ben and Jack together very much, although it seemed like a lot of people (at least around me) didn't know high tide low tide well enough to appreciate it.....Its 9 am ..didn't get home until almost 2...I thought this would be my last show, but I'm scheming on getting tickets to Cary right now....scandalous......Hey Brandon from Florence....assuming you are who I think you are.... glad you enjoyed yourself...maybe i'll see you soon...Oh, and for Darin and Neal...or Brandon if he's feelin froggy ;) write me at sinsamillaus@hotmail.com Blueskies, Nicole

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nic- u forgot to tell em about jack coming out with ben to play a marley cover. just ben and jack acoustic. AMAZING!!!!!! as was the rest of JJ's and BH & the IC's too! i hope to God someone recorded this show. -Brandon from Florence,SC

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Once again fellas!!! I bow to you! What a freakin incredible day...a little hot, yet still incredible. Met so many good folks, (including Mraz who thoughtfully signed my bag and took a pic with me) And Ben and IC.... Wow...Amazing time and time again.... I started out in Chicago with these guys, and let me tell you....Chicago's preformance didn't hold a candle to tonight's show........They were rockin it out hardcore...I don't think I stopped dancing for about 5 straight hours....and i'm not complaining....the road stops here for me....will catch you all again next round....Take care all, and lookout for eachother ...Good show to my good friend Neal from Flo...and his friend Darin...y'all kick ass... heard a rumor you write reviews too.....Talk to you soon! I'll have a piece of gum with your name all over it......Once again...Thanks to all the artists today, one hell of a show!