06.15.03 Cary, NC

Amphitheatre at Regency Park with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Amphitheatre at Regency Park - Cary, NC

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A very wet and rainy show, ended early by curfew. Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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lesley.chow37623's picture

I drove up from Florida with my boyfriend to go to this show, and it was totally worth it. An outside amphitheater in beautiful NC under the stars (and rain!) surrounded by lovely people. The venue was impossible to find, but we eventually got there. And even though we were sent to our cars to wait out the thunderstorm, the concert eventually resumed... and was spectacular. Nothing could have spoiled this magical night. Probably one of the best concerts I have been to in my life. Loved their take on Bob Marley's High Tide/Low Tide.

itenerant7843482's picture

One of the best concerts I have ever seen. Very rainy Fathers Day, with alot of thunder and lightning and it looked as if Ben Harper and the Inocent Criminals would not go on, but things cleared up and everything worked out. Ben had alot of emotion, and I noticed he rocked it out, on stage a few times. I am glad to have got the opportunity to go to this show with my dad. I wil always remember this show. Bryce

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Short and sweet, best show I have ever seen! Ben is by far one of the best artists out there!!! Keep up the awesome work and come back to Cary soon!

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This was the best concert ever. Period. The rain was awesome, the music was great, and nothing could top Ben and Jack together at the end. This was the best venue to hold a concert. It was a 6 hour trip for me to catch this concert, but it was worth it. I hope Ben goes back there on his nect tour, because I'd definitely make the trip to see him there.

-Joe Fincham
(Huntington, WV)

anonymous's picture

The rain was great. The mud pit was great every thing was great. I got the drum stick in the end witch made it better all u guys who didnt get the stick but were in the fight for it just have to remember never stop fighting for what you want.

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I'm from Greenville, SC and we(my mom, sister, and brother) drove 4 hours to get to Cary. The venue was incredible, due to the great sound and surrounding trees and lakes. Jack Johnson is underreated- he put on a great show that felt great in the rain. He sounds even better live than he does on recordings. Speaking of which, Ben and the Criminals sounded better than I've ever heard. I own the dvd and Live from Mars, but their sound in Cary was perfected. Ben's on the top of his game vocally. Juan shined on his solos and David rocked us with several percussion solos. I can't remember my man on keys, but seriously- he adds a lot to the BHIC set. Since the show I listen to the cd's longing to her the arrangements like they were in Cary, and that's the ultimate compliment for a live show. I would LOVE if they put out bootlegs for the live shows like Pearl Jam, because I would pay $40 just to have the show on c.d. Thanks guys for giving an incredible, heartfelt show. You have no idea how that can change a persons whole summer/year. I'll never forget it.

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Me and my friends came all the way from St. Augustine Florida. We saw you play in Jacksonville and this concert in Cary was awesome. You really pulled the crowd back into the concert after the rain. The show couldn't have been any better. I really enjoyed the High Tide Low Tide with Jack the was awesome touch to end the concert. Thanks for making great music which touches the lives of so many people especially my friends Jenny, Lucy, Drew, Matt, Scott, and The Zweig family. In Loving memory of Josh thank you Jack and Ben.

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Wow! This was my first concert ever, and although I have nothing to compare it to, I left that concert loving Ben Harper and the IC more than any other band. Kid Koala started the show up with some interesting stuff, not normally quite my style, but still fun to listen to. When Jack came out there I thought the fans were crazy, but it was NOTHING compared to the way things were when Ben got out there. The amount of energy that band has when they play trips me out, makes my life better. I don't feel I'll ever get to experience anything quite as good as that concert again, but hopefully things will come close. Also, the fans were great, except for the occaisional yell during the soft songs. I wish I could have listened to that music all night, and I think anyone would agree with me here that the Event Staff sucked for not letting them play anymore after "She's Only Happy in the Sun." Oh well, no regrets...that concert was just amazing.

jmassive732954's picture

Yes, it rained. And rained. But I didn't even notice. The music was what washed over me. Every minute I was reminded of how gifted everyone on that stage was. And of course, what a great songwriter Ben is.....Thank you Ben and IC, for giving North Carolina a great and uplifting show. You made my year.

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I have always like Ben Harper's music, but never been a huge fan. Well, quite contrary... i am now. i love the inoncent criminals... Juan and Leon are the coolest dudes alive. They can play some great music!!! If i knew the organ players name he would be one too. They put on a fabulous show, which i rank up there with my favorite band, PHiSH.(by my standards that is an honor) I hope to see a lot more of BHIC, please come back to NC, we love you. And regarding Ashely Dietrich's statement about the fans, the girl yelling "you're so hott" was right next to me, and i did all i could to stop her... sorry.

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WOW... I have only been to a couple of concerts in my lifetime, and I hold firm that unless I go to another Ben/Jack concert, this one was the best one I will ever see. I went to the concert being a huge fan of JJ, just hearing how amazing Ben Harper was. Jack was awesome, and I love the atmosphere while he plays... so relaxed and unpolished. the downpour was the best thing that happened to me... I had been in about the third row the entire time, but when the rain started the people in front of me left. i got front row!! and i was in the center of the front row which was even better. Ben really gives a heartfelt show, and I believe that his performance will have an effect on the way I live my life. just the way you FELT what he was playing... it was truly amazing. i never have a probably never will see a better show!

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I've had the pleasure of seeing Ben and Jack live about a combined 15 times. This show was by far the most exhilirating, emotional, heartfelt, triumphant, and just flat-out best performance I've ever seen - from any artist! While I love Ben's powerful presence on stage and his ability to touch a crowd, the highlight of the evening was the torrential downpour during the last half of Jack's set. Drenched from head to toe, everyone within 50 yards of me was so hype to be there, Jack just fed off of it and came thru like brilliant music. Also, I have to mention the NC crowd. I live in Los Angeles and most of the Ben shows I've seen have been filled with locals and lifelong fans, but never, never!, have I seen Ben get so much love from an audience. And I think he felt it. Happy Father's Day, Ben.

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words can't even describe how great the show was. kid koala was ok, jack was awesome, but ben completely blew me away with his constant energy. i really enjoyed the acoustic songs, too, especially Forever and Walk Away. the duet between ben and jack was great as well. thanks ben.

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One fan's perspective: Last night's show was something else! Jack was great...making me wish we were sitting around a campfire on the beach...but Ben, he rocked my soul. Man can he sing! I left my friends and went straight to the front for the whole concert. About 2/3rds into Jack's set the audience was panting from the heat, a blanket of dark grey clouds crawled over us and it began to rain. It started with random drops and as Jack began F-Stop Blues singing

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hello ,i've heard about BEN from my
friend and i've seen him for the first time, i think i was a lucky one to have
this chance ...he has a very special
style of playing...thank you Ben for
that great moment i spend watching
you with your guitar and your hair that
i find very nice ...your new fan.

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In all the years I've been going to see concerts I believe I have been phased by all the setups. When a man can go out on a stage with a guitar, himself, and his soul with only the thought of expressing himself; you know truly you are an artist. This is the best show I have seen. Jack Johnson and The Innocent Crimnals not only turned a storm evening into a beautiful event, I found friends, music, and many things about myself.

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I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to all of the performers last night. Kid Koala's experimental turntable work was an unexpected surprise. I was unaware that a DJ could be that artistic. Jack Johnson did a great job as the opening act. When the rain began to fall halfway through his set the band played on. The audience couldn't have been wetter if we had all jumped in the lake behind the stage. But still, Jack played on and did a great job of keeping audience morale and enthusiasm peaked during the most torrential downpours. Ben's set was delayed due to lightning in the area. The venue staff announced that anyone who wished could go to their cars to wait out the storm, for safety's sake, but most of the audience just decided to wait it out despite the possibility of severe thunderstorms. When BHIC finally started their show, it was obvious that the rain hadn't dampened anyone's spirits. They openened with the new reggae version of Excuse Me Mr., which was awesome. A great arrangement of a classic Ben Harper tune. The positive energy that Ben is able to muster night after night is absolutely amazing. I was in euphoria the entire night. It was the best show that I have ever seen.

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That was the best concert I have ever been to in my life. The icy rainy just made it so much more memerable. The high point for me was when Ben and Jack played "High Tide or Low Tide", that had to have been the best song of the night.

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I must say it was pretty embarassing to be a part of the audience. Most of all, I felt bad for Ben. They didn't seem to know when it was appropriate to yell. During some of Ben's slower, quieter songs, people would scream out unnecessary comments, using the silence for a chance to be heard. I don't know if it's the area, or bc there was a mixed fan group, but people didn't seem to know concert etiquette. I had about 10 people try to cut in front of me at the front of the stage.
Despite the fans, Ben was great as usual. Jack was good too, but I must admit, my sole reason to go was for Ben. He talked a little and got personal with the crowd, which was nice.
Standing in that mud was well worth seeing Ben

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it will fill your heart and soul and leave of soaking wet. this was a wash out in the beginning during Jacks set. I love the rain and all but man not that much of a down pour. very happy Cary venue had a jumbo screen my broke bone wouldn't have got me back up front(as i was in charleston). well my heart and soul are filled with postive vibes. so thanks again to Jack, Ben and the IC for headin' up to the Carolina's. take care and see you soon. DKJ

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i have never been so moved by two people before in my life. even the rain couldnt stop me from dancing and singin. I swear that was the best show i have ever seen, i cant even begin to explain how amazing ben performed, jack as well. I went to the show knowing i was about to see two great performers and i left knowing that i had just seen the two best. thanks ben and jack. much love goes out to yall from here in Raleigh/cary.

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I have been wanting to see Ben Harper live for over six years now and I never thought it would be this good. Rain fell throughout the night and the ground below began to wash away, but fans stayed because of the music. Jack Johnson did a great job during the heart of the storm, but Ben Harper brought me through so many emotions as he played. It just seemed speical being there tonight and I believe I took something away from the music that can never be grasped from the cd's. I could describe each song and review how they fit in my mind, but all I am left with is the overall event. How each song together created a single feeling in me, making me spend the rest of this night smiling. This was a great night and I urge anyone who has not yet gone to a Ben Harper concert to go wherever you can to see him; it is that speical. Thankyou