06.18.03 Wantagh, NY

Jones Beach Amphitheatre with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 2003-06-18 - Jones Beach Amphitheatre - Wantagh, NY

Jack Johnson sat in for "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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I go to concerts all the time, but Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals have always been my favorite musicians. when i heard that you were comming near NJ i was estatic and let me just say it was everything i could have possibly imagined in a concert. to this day when I put one of your cds on I'm overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about being there. It was remarkable. THANK YOU!!!

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"music is the last true voice of the human spirit"....genius, ben you are a genious....and what i witnessed last night was a mericle...20,000 people gettin together b/c we love your music....music worth so much more than a label could give...steal my kisses was amazing, and you sang your heart ou for us as u do evry night...if the were ever an angel i this his name would be Ben Harper...ben we love you in New York!!

NIck Syracuse NY

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the concert at jones beach was just amazing. Jack johnson was good as was g-love. Ben ripped a new hole in the music universe. The encore were just awe inspiring. the last jam "like a king/i'll rise" was the best peice of music i've ever heard. that kind of music and passion to play is what keeps me coming back again and again. ben keep rockin', peace love to all who know and appreciate his music!!!

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This was my first Ben show and I have zero complaints. I really had no particular feelings toward Jack before the show but I definitely left a fan. G Love was an amazing surprise. He was the first CD I ever owned. Ben's encores were freaking awesome as well. I cannot even describe what I was feeling during the Marley cover. I was there with my best friends in the world, listening to my favorite artist singing this amazing song. Basicly I had an unforgettable experience at this concert and can't wait for another tour!

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can't ask for anything more. shit was amazing, and the perfect venue to have these two jam. encores were insane, jack was insane. would have liked to mabye have them play more together seeing that High Tide Low Tide was sweet, but couldn't have asked for anything more.

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the most amazing show i have ever seen in my life. jack's covers of marley, zepplin, and sublime plus a few others i think were huge suprises and the energy and talent that ben harper and the innocent criminals have is amazing. beutiful encore with walk away and the duet with jack was unforgettable

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Words cant even describe how amazing it was. Jack's the man, such a style and presence...and Ben takes the heart of Bob Marley and the Spirit of Jimi Hendrix and blows ur mind!

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A great gig, full of energy and emotion. Indeed, one of the best concerts I've ever attended. Highlight: High Tide, Low Tide. Just beautiful. Lowlight: A few losers who wanted to hear the sound of their own voice in the quiet of the encores.

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First off.....FUCKING A-MAZ-ING!!!
First time seeing you guys, but DEFINATELY not the last!!!
Good on cd but unbelievable live!
So inspiring and just fucking awesome, if you EVER get the chance to see them, we highly reccommend it!
Thanks Jack and Ben!!!

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BLEW ME AWAY!!! Ben, Jack and G-love rocked the house! They were so amazing, the encore brought me to tears! You guys are amazing and everyone has to experience it!!

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This was an amazing concert..words cannot describe!! Jack was on top of it last night and really got the crowd started. Ben baby you were amazing you got the crowd roaring! Forever, Walk away, Waiting on an Angel and Amen Omen got me crying! High Tide Low Tide could not have been better it was just an overall awsome awsome concert!

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Two words can sum up just how great this concert was ----ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Seriiously it was the best show I have ever seen in my life. Ben was so hyper and then emotional/passionate at the right moments. Leon Mobley was so goofy and energetic. The rest of the Innocent Criminals had it going on also. Jack was very chill and just plain out GREAT. The fact that G Love came out and played with Jack adds to the greatness of this show. Also Jack's and Ben's duet was incredible!!! I loved it when Ben danced around--he looked like a little kid in complete bliss! Anyone who had doubts about this show or missed out on it, well, I am telling you that it was a HUGE loss to miss it and it was terrible to think that it would not have been anything short of

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I must say Ben Rocked the stadium to its core.. everyone was groovin and having an awsome time.. Everyone who went to see jack johnson left a ben harper fan..This was deffinetly one of the best concerts i have ever been to.. Thanks Ben for an amazing night that i wont ever forget

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Awesome! JJ was great, the crowd loved him and G-love's appearance was killer. BHIC, your talent never seizes to amaze me, the soul and spirit that you put into every performance is magical. "We are Blessed" was absolutely mystical. Thank you all!

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I can honestly say that this concert was the best that I've ever been to. I had never really heard Jack Johnson before, he was average, but I would not have been satisfied if ben hadnt played as well. First of all, ben harper is amazing on stage. I've never seen anyone perform with as much passion as he does. You can tell that he plays what he feels, and he puts his entire soul into his music. The encore was the best part- when he pulled out Jack for "High tide, low tide," it was the best piece of music that i ever heard. it was a life changing experience, and there wasnt any way to end a show better than the "i'll rise" That was easily the most awe striking, powerful performence that I have ever seen. (if anyone has any recordings from Ben's set, please email me at Othaslimkid@aol.com with a file attachment)

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the show was amesome but no faded or zeppelin covers!!

What's up with that?

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I Love Ben and Jack so much but Having Them together on one stage was the most amazing experiance. Ben's performance was great, With My Own Two Hands/War and The Encore(s) were just Amazing. I don't Think I will ever Forget June 18 2003. Thank you Ben And Jack

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Greatest Show EVER!
Had the most amazing time.
What a performance by all of the musicians.
Jack Johnson rocked, G.Love was funky cool as always.
Ben and the Criminals absolutely tore IT UP!
Loved all the funky jams they went in to.
It is nice to see musicians Making music for Music sake and not for money.

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Jack Johnson killed, he was definately on last night. Ben ripped it up and dug deep into some great jams. The rain held up and I left with a hugh smile on my face.
Thanks Ben, Jack, G-Love, it was a time to remember!