06.19.03 Boston, MA

FleetBoston Pavilion with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - FleetBoston Pavilion - Boston, MA

Encore 1

WBCN aired the entire show minus "So High So Low", "With My Own Two Hands/War", and "Walk Away" on Saturday, June 21st. Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide" and "Gone".

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I thought BHIC were great as usual,
although, i would rather see ben as the only guitar player - enjoy it most when he sits with the steel ya know?
also would have liked some older stuff but still a solid show
jj is ok - he's hard not to like cuz of the reggae vibe but all his songs sound the same and his fans seemed to be unaware of the real deal: BEN HARPER AND THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS
Ben is the only performer that has taken me to the level of Jerry Garcia...I walked out of the show saying "Ben&Jerry"

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I have to agree with Bill Merill, This was my third Ben show and I have seen him at such intimate places as First Avenue in Minneapolis. I study at Berklee College of Music in Boston and would have to say the extra guitarist was not needed. Everyone I talked to was ther to see Jack. I kept thinking Ben is going to end up in a Vegas show with the amount of enthusiasim that was put into the show. He is still one of the best but we as fans have come to expect so much as I did. Whats up now he stands up,and abandons the Weisserborn alot.

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Ive seen Ben Harper before, for those people who said this was a "good Ben Harper show" , it wasn't. First off the "other guitarist" didnt need to be there, he was a bad guitar player. Ben is amazing at both singing and playing guitar; so there wasnt really a need for him to be there and the only other complaint i had was ALL OF THE JACK JOHNSON FANS!! everyone there was there to see jack johnson i dont think half of them knew who ben was, and they all talked throughout ben's performance at one point people were competing to see who could scream the loudest, I think ben knew too.The mood at the concert was definatly affected by jack. He's not even good at guitar either!

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Hands down the best concert I've ever seen (along with O.A.R. at the Orpheum). This was my 2nd BHIC show and it definitely was better than the 1st. Ben nailed every song and the Criminals showed how truly talented they are. The energy was at max throughout the entire show, and the song choice for the acoustic set was perfect: a little Ben, Jack, and Bob. And there's no better way to close out than "Faded/Whole Lotta Love." Thanks for kickin' off the summer with a bang.

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My 2nd BHIC show and I enjoyed every minute, although the new songs dominated the set. They came out smokin' with Brown Eyed Blues, Burn One Down, and Ground on down. The middle of the set was a bit less inspired, but ending it with Bob's "War" was a highlight--great cover!
The acoustic encore was touching as always. Too bad some people don't know when it's innapropriate to scream and clap--duh! Listen to the music, people!
Thanks for the inspiration, Ben, and keep on doing your thing.

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This was my first BH show, and him and the band totally amazed me. This man is a wonderful musician, unfortunately it took me until this show to completely appreciate the music! :) This was an incredible show!!!!

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Good show, but waaay too mellow. Where was the petal steel? I've seen Ben before and there defintely seemed to be a lack of passion for this show--maybe Jack Johnson mellowed the mood too much...

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my first bh show, easily the best experience of my life. the set was amazing and full of a lot of new stuff mixed with exactly what everyone wanted to hear from the rest of his expansive catalog. the crowd was an ecclectic mix of fans who came out to enjoy the soulful workings of both ben and jack. an altogether spiritually powerful performance that has left me with perma-grin. i'm curious to see other's reactions