06.20.03 Boston, MA

FleetBoston Pavilion with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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Amazing! Looking back it was the best show of my life...topping even The Boss. A great experience! Thanks Ben.

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i have to agree with JH...i have seen ben many times and the crowd had no respect for ben...the best show was at avalon in boston...the people there were the REAL BEN FANS!!!...you know who you are...all the drunks with your cell phones and outbursts stay home next time!!!! ben you did your best with the crowd you had..you truly are a genius...we always have avalon :o)

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All I can say is that Ben Harper is one of the most incredibly talented musicians ever...he ranks right up there with any music god you can fathom. I have to say that was the best show I have ever been to. My boyfriend and I met some true people (Skyler and his girlfriend, to name a few...hi to you both, if you happen to read this.) I cannot wait until the next ben harper show I see!!

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It was a much more mellow show than the previous day (I went to see both). It seemed to lack a little bit of focus; perhaps because the set was interrupted by the whole engagement deal (two locals got engaged on-stage after "Temporary Remedy"), and it took some time to get the fire back in the show.

What's up with these annoying people yapping on their cell phones throughout the set? Or the distracting shouting throughout the quiet songs? I've seen Ben in Europe, Australia and the US now, and the American crowd is by far the most disrespectful I've encountered.

Oh, and thank you very much, you beer slobbering moron in section 1, row P, seat 10 or somewhere around that. Did you really have to break up and make up with that girl during a concert, in front of my nose?

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An incredible show. I used to call my first Ben Harper show (Winston-Salem, NC '01) the best concert I've ever seen, but this one tops them all. The concert got off to a slow start with Kid Koala, but Jack Johnson put on a great set, pretty mellow but more upbeat towards the end, really warming up the crowd for Ben's appearance. I would have liked to have seen a little more solo acoustic at the end and maybe another song with Jack, but with "Walk Away" mesmerizing the crowd and the finale with the band, the concert was nothing but awesome.

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i highly suggest that ben and jack record some of their shows and film them as well. and live dvd and disc set would be incredable. i would absolutly love to see it. the show was so incredable, by far the best i have ever been to!

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OH WOW!!! Words can't describe how unbelieveable lazst nights performance was.. Ben was on fire!!! The band was so on all night... so much energy and great setlist.. loved the solo performances by Ben, I am so amazed at the talent that was on that stage all night!!!!

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That show was phenomenal. When you all played hard I couldn't stop moving. When Ben played solo after the encore I stood still like a stone, I was just so moved by the moment, lyrics and energy you put into that guitar. Great Show! Peace.