06.22.03 Centreville, VA

Bull Run Regional Park with Kid Koala, Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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An exhiliarating experience-as usual. The inconveniences of the venue disappeared while Ben and the Innocent Criminals were on stage. I danced and sang along throughout the show and felt so good at the end I was able to laugh off falling into mud on the way back to my car....

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Howdy!! Ive been a long, LONG time Ben Harper fan and this was my first show ever. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I am forever touched by the performance and love that Ben shows in his music. One of the greatest experiences of my life and I believe Ive done my fair share of living for just 19 yrs. I look forward to the next show and many many more after that...Right on!!

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OKAY, here's a little story that I like to tell ... I saw the first half of BHIC show at Bonnaroo but than disaster struck. I had to get my Jenny over the gates and out of the crowd (she was too hot and was passing out)!!! While trying to get her over the front gates, I couldn't get any help from the surrounding security guards because they weren't paying attention. So I jumped the gates myself ... to get Jenny help, and of course they all came running than!!!

But to make a really long story short. I missed the second half of the BHIC cause I gashed my foot wide open, jumping the fence trying to save my Jenny!! Now, Jenny is fine and doing well and I'm able to walk again!!!--(for those who care) But I was soooooo disappointed that I missed the second half of the show!! BHIC are the main reason I went to Bonnaroo.

So I'm really glad that I had the chance to see them at Bull Run, front row, left/center!! That was the best time of my life!! I've seen allot of bands and not one can even come close to that experience and power of movement I received from BHIC!!!

BHIC and Jack Johnson, Thank you so much for sharing such positive raw energy!! Extra special thanks to Leon Mobley for signing my ticket stub, you are one of my greatest inspirations, I really appreciated it, thank you!!

Ben you are my biggest musical influence!!
Keep spreading your message and know that WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

Thank you,

PS: I'm even in three of the photos you posted on the site, that's just too cool!! (I'm the long brown haired hippie in the front row loving life) : )

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Nothing short of amazing. The amount of energy flowing through Bull Run was with out the highest. It was the first time I've seen BHIC and Jack Johnson live and was amazed when I left. Also, digged the two encore and the Ben and Jack "duet". I was a fan before the concert and now I'm a huge fan. Thanks Ben and Jack!

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I camped out the night before, and strolled right in to the show. I could see how people could have been frustrated by the parking etc., but the show more than made up for it. Never seen a show like this one, I'll check BHIC at any venue. And that sunset was the perfect touch. The combination of the three performances made this past weekends on of the best in a long while.

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I have to tell you, this was my first real concert ever, and I couldnt have asked for a better experience. I went to this concert to see Jack Johnson, honestly, and I had no idea who Ben Harper was, but I walked away a HUGE fan. Bull Run was a perfect place, because it was all natural, and though it was muddy, that made it even more natural, in that we walked around barefoot and completely carefree.
Ben worked the crowd amazingly, and is a kickass performer :) Thanks for the concert, and I'm a MAJOR fan now, I went to the store the next day and bought all the cds!!!

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Like usual, Ben and Jack were great. I agree with others, the venue set-up was awful. It's like they were expecting 1000 people, and 10000 showed up....I know it is a state park, but beer gardens?????

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Thank you Ben and the crims for such a beautiful, lively show.

It rocked, it soothed, it quitened... everything but put one to sleep! I'm so glad I got to hear 'sexual healing' as I missed it in towson back in '01. Juan's scatting in 'steal my kisses' was brilliant, and Leon - you are a ball of tightly wound musical magic, my friend.

During 'Walk Away,' I think Ben managed to make everyone forget about the mud, the traffic, the brilliant sunset, and lie enthralled by his spirit and soul. Not too many fellas can do that.

Cheers mate. We Aussies love ya!

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My third time seeing Ben.. and each time gets better and better. I was worried about the translation to a larger stage, but forget about it. He destroyed. Can't wait for my next chance to see them.

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Incredible! I love Ben and Jack so this concert seemed tailored to me. I even walked away with an appreciation for Kid Koala, who I had not heard before. I thought the grounds were great (sunset was gorgeous) and perfect for a nice small show. The rains prior were out of concert planners hands. The one thing that was annoying were all the cellphone talkers and people who seemed uninterested in enjoying the music. Personally I had a blast! I will see Ben again and can only dream that Jack will be playing too!

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In a music industry all about cd sales and popularity Ben Harper is the ray of hope. His live performance was truly a blessing.

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WOW!! First time ever seeing BHIC and JJ in concert. Energy filled show throughout. He is truly genuine in his love of music and meaningful song lyrics. I truly appreciated watching him as he signed a few autographs and chatted during the show...completely improv'ed. And yes, the venue was in horrible shape but all this rain played a huge factor in that. But the disrespectful, rude, and some even way too intoxicated concert-goers were a huge nuisance. People should respect those who have staked out their Gen Admin spot on the grass for over 4 hours and not expect a great seat if you get there 30 minute before showtime. Although I'd do it again for such a great show.

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Horrible, horrible venue. People were getting tanked in the "beer garden" then coming in half way through the set and ruining it for everyone. Bull Run is horrible, will never go again, we got stuck and had to get a tow truck out. We were one of the lucky ones, I bet people were still waiting to get pulled out at 1 am.

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Every time I've seen Ben I've been blown away. I saw him a week before at Bonnaroo and he always seems to be having so much fun on stage - that is what its all about. Whenever an artist feels the music like Ben does your in for a great show. I didn't mind the venue so much, the hill made for a good view from all-over unlike a flatter grounds like Bonnaroo - the traffic wasn't really that bad either if you got there early enough and just let everyone leave before you - I was in no rush to leave ha, well I can't wait till Ben comes back around - Thanks Ben, Jack and Kid Koala what a great show...

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As usual, BHIC put on an excellent show. His CD's don't compare to his stage sound.
However, Bull Run was a terrible venue. Other than a scenic setting, the logistics of the place was a mess. I agree with Jen, I hope never to return to Bull Run.

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This was my first time seeing Ben and the Innocent Criminals live in concert, they were absolutely amazing. I have never seen anyone play with so much energy.

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This was my first time seeing Ben and the Innocent Criminals live in concert, they were absolutely amazing. I have never seen anyone play with so much energy.

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Ben was absolutely Phenominal...I would describe the show as a Roller Coaster ride with constant rises and falls and twists and turns.

Bull Run Park was a great place for Ben to Play...even though accomidations weren't great, the show was more personal b/c it was GA and it wasn't all coorperated out

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Great show! BHIC had a tremendous amount of energy throughout. Virtually every song extended into a jam session with Ben more than happy to step aside and let Juan or Leon take center stage. Kid Koala and Jack Johnson were also very good.

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Fantastic music - Ben always gives a great live performance!
But the worst venue I've ever been to. Really poor planning by the promoters.
Will never see a show at Bull Run again!