06.24.03 Rochester Hills, MI

Meadow Brook Music Festival with DJ Greyboy, Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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I was at this show, and was amazed at the passion, love, and spirit Ben Harper displayed upon the stage. I felt that the evening was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had. The way Harper cares about his music and audience makes the fan feel unworthy of being in his presence. I decided at the concert that Ben Harper is the coolest man in the country. All he does is cool, as his moves are cool.

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I've never seen anything so captivating and full of passion in my entire life. I mean every song that ben played i loved. I loved how ben maed excuse me mister all funked out. Keep spreadin the love ben, you know what its about.

peace and one love

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This show was amazing. I have been a fan of Ben for about 7 years now and this was my first show. Seeing how much energy and love he and the band put into their show made me proud to be a fan, i brought a few friends to the show and they had never really listened to Ben before and now they are hooked. Sexual Healing and Burn One Down were amazing. JUAN NELSON RULES!!!!

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this show was the fuckin shit... i met jack and waited for ben for a long time but didnt come out or he did after i left...i passed a J onto ben and i am still wondering if he got it because his camera man picked it up and gave me the thumbs up when he saw what it was....an amazing show overall...couldnt have asked for anymore than what both sets gave me....high tide or low tide was the fuckin shit with jack...2 of the best artists covering a legends song....what else could i ask for....bad ass show

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I have been a ben fan for 7 years and this was my fisrt time seeing him live. I started the concert at the top of the hill and it sucked having to stand on my tip toes just to see just a glimpse of Ben and the band. People were talking and being stupid all around us. Though during Burn one Down we actually got down close by the pavillion. Thats when the magic of it all hit. The massive amount of energy that Ben had was nothing less than superhuman. It was a nice change to see a group play their music as if they were sharing their inner souls with every single last person at that show. Plus "Faded/whole lotta love" touched me musicaly in a way that I have never felt before. Thank you so much Ben Harper and the Criminals....It was worth the 7 years of waiting!!!!

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I have to say that Ben rocked the house on Tuesday. Jack was awesome too! It was my first Ben experience and it definetly will not be the last. I can honestly say that I have more respect and love for Ben than I did before. You gave it your all and it was amazing!!! I unforntunately left way too early at the beginning of "With My Own Two Hands/War." I know I should have stayed but the people I came with were such a drag and they were my ride back. Next time I will get backstage and I will stay until I turn blue in the face. Great Performance Ben (& The Innocent Criminals)!!!!

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This was my second time seeing Ben live, the first was at Bonnaroo on the 13th. He blew me away then, and I must say he did again, but even more. The entire show was amazing. His energy is just incredible. His voice is incomparable. I had the oppertunity to meet Ben nackstage last night very unexpectedly, and I must say that It was a highlight of my life. Ben is such a genuine and kind person. He truly cares about his fans. He remembered my name, as well as my cousins the entire time we were back there he called us by name. And when he left to get ready to leave and did not appear again, me and my cousin were the only ones left who were not going on the bus, he went around back and I saw him get on the bus. This was about an 45 minutes after we had last seen him. He looked at me, gave me, I gave him the peace sign. And he yelled JOEEE!!! IT made my night. Not to mention the several hugs and all the words of thanks from him. He is the coolest guy, and I will never forget my meeting with him. And once again, the show was absolutely incredible. Tracks he performed that he hasn't at many of the shows this year include: By my side, forever.....and more I cannot go on right now, if I can think of the whole set list I will submit it. P:S I met some really cool Ben fans too!

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I have to say the Ben was amazing last night! He was all over the place jumping around and dancing. The crowd really loved it. He blew me away when a few of the audience members found there way up stage, and he let one girl hug him and then was up running and jumping around stage while guards calmly got everyone off stage. Just shows how much he loves his job, music, and Fans. Michigan loves Ben Harper!!!

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Last night was the first full set i've seen Ben on and it was awesome. I've never been to a show where the artist was truly showing his emotions. I loved it. It really sold me on the new album too. Thanks for the greatest show i've been to Ben.

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First time seeing Ben live, must say was very impressed! Awesome show, its great to see how much he loves what he does, as well as the rest of the band. His voice just knocks you on your ass, gotta love it!

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Forgot to mention that Ben was REALLY into the night. Been to half a dozen shows and never seen him jump around as much as he did tonight. There's something cool about seeing someone "get into" their own music. Good jobs guys, come back soon.

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Electric Romance- Mixing high energy and sexy beats. Set on the grass hills of Rochester Hills, Michigan, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals blew everyone away with another great concert. Mixing new and old favorites, both fast and slow, they put on a 2 hour, 2 encore performance that was not to be missed. I don't have the set list on hand but the guys did a great job of mixing things up the entire night. Notable sets of Steal my Kisses, Burn One Down, and Walk Away, a personal favorite. Truth be told, I wasn't all that sold on the new album, but hearing it live changed my opinion. Now if only we can get those loud mouths who scream during the shows to shut up, all will be good.