06.25.03 Columbus, OH

PromoWest Pavilion with DJ Greyboy, Jack Johnson

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - PromoWest Pavilion - Columbus, OH

Encore 1

Jack Johnson sat in on "High Tide Or Low Tide".

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I got t o shake Ben's hand after the show and tell him Thank you for everything. He said he liked my Grateful Dead shirt. At this point I had been listening to the band for 9+ years and it was an honor to talk to him. It's 2015 and I am as big a fan as ever!

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Awesome. That's all I can really say. Ben and the Criminals put on one heck of a show. I'm so glad I could attend. I had an amazing time and the Whole Lotta Love cover was awesome to hear and they totally rocked it. I saw Pearl Jam the night before and it was great to go from one awesome show to another. Thanks!

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The show was AMAZING...I fell in love with BHIC and Jack ...not only that, i was able to hang out with Ben after the show on his bus...he is an amazing man and artist...

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front to back, the music was exceptional. the vibe was great after darkness set, but promo west waaaayyy over sold this venue. not enough room and the 'security', hmmm. i am not sure if i did find where i was able to stand w/o getting bitched at. i WILL see bhic again and again, just not there. peace

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supervibed set as always...
the sound was excellent up front,all instruments were mixed perfect...
(w/ venues like this,the lawn area needs to be supported w/ its own sound monitors)
ben and the innocent ciminals,jack johnson,+greyboy blazed it full force...
one blood

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Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw BHIC when they came to town a couple of years ago. After that show, I was left speechless...I certainly didn't think he would be able to leave me that way again...man was I wrong! Ben and the boys were absolutely fantastic last night. Jack started out with a great vibe as well. Great venue, great weather (a little hot), and an unbelievable show!!!!!!!!!!

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Just got in from the bhic show. Wow what a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The Criminals were great, I loved the funk vibe to start the show and then ben took over from there!!! I'm debating about heading to Cleveland for the Sunday show!!!! Another great show guys, keep the faith, Jack started the night off on the right foot!!!! I am exhusted!!